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  1. W

    Auto AK47 - What size of container would be suitable?

    I got a few seeds due to arrive. These are Auto AK and I'm asking what size pot to use outdoors in my balcony which faces South and is located in the French Mediteranian, very sunny, daily ave max 29°C, min 21°C. I've checked on number of weed sites, but opinions vary. I'm opting for 6...
  2. ZARBU

    How to re-use Hydroton - Bleach

    Hi so you have finished a grow, you want to clean and reuse your hydroton. Here is the easy way. Bleach yep bleach. buy the unscented stuff from the supermarket. its cheap as, a few dollars for 2 litres. 2 litres of bleach to 4 litres of water = 6 litres. make as much as you need. cover...