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  1. S

    4 Strains - LED Tent Grow

    Starting a journal for my first grow! I'm trying four different strains; northern lights, onyx, blue kush, and purple mazar. All feminized autoflowering. My grow setup is a 30"x30"x64" grow tent. 2x "1500w" LED lights (about 275w actual). 190cfm online fan with a carbon filter. A small...
  2. B

    Hello all! My introduction and first question!

    Hello all! E here, been browsing this amazing forum for the past month or so while IÂ've been attempting to grow my first plant! A little back story... I found a seed in one of my big jugs about 3 months ago. Saved it because IÂ've always wanted to try to grow a little plant, and now that...
  3. S

    Hello - All help is needed!

    I'm an avid marijuana user. But never had intentions to grow. Non the less find any use for it whether medical or just to get high. Anyways, a friend of mine one day recommended I grow in my house so that I wouldn't have to buy and plus I don't work so it would be a fun little hobby. Yeah...
  4. Stunned

    Background light in my tent

    Hi Guys, This might sound a little dumb. I know it is on my part for not thinking about it. I started day 1 of flower today and was checking that the new programming for the light timer was working and noticed that the new extension cord I put into the tent has one of those little glowy...
  5. B

    Little black bugs in my soil

    I have these little black bugs in my soil...some fly and when I water they come out of the soil...what can I use to get rid of them....
  6. Weezze

    Amnesium Clone #2 - 2'x2' - DWC - Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80

    Welcome to my new journal! :) It should last more than 2 days! :53: The light is the Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80, it is the equivalent to a 200W HID. The tent is a noname from eBay, 2'x2'x5'. I have a 6" carbon scrubber with an inline fan. There's a little humidifer to increase the humidity...
  7. M

    Little growth at node sites

    Hi! Has anyone had the same issue i'm having? I'm doing a tropical outdoor grow, I have two seedlings that are 1 month old and have been growing vigorously with large fan leaves and 6 to 7 nodes. However I dont see any, or have little growth at the node sites, unlike many pictures online of...
  8. M

    Newbie 7 weeks into flower

    Hey guys been doing a lot of reading but I wouldn't mind a little feedback. Have 3 plants getting ready for harvest but one is really turning leaves yellow much faster than the others. This plant has always seemed to be a little farther along than the others. I've been following fox farms 3 part...
  9. D


    :thumb:after 37/40 croaked seeds got some new old familiar after their rumoured change-up, which all & sundry deny,cks is back with some easy grows, nice fat, white little roots & green in 2.5 days. to coin a phrase; 'excellent'.:thumb:
  10. K

    Auto hermie

    Can feminized autos Hermie? And if so, do pollen sacks grow along with pre flowers?. I'm a little confused over what I see here.
  11. B

    Dear Growers

    Greetings 420 Readers, As a legal user of cannabis products in WashingtonState, I appreciate the value of this amazing plant. I have had 3 back surgeries, and shoulder and knee replacements. Cannabis helped me threw all of these with little use of addictive narcotics. We have deep, rich...
  12. G

    T-5 distance early on

    I'm doing an Auto ghetto grow with a simple 4 light T5 setup in a bathroom. Nothing fancy basically for fun. My little guy is 1 inch tall right now :) Here's my issue...I've redirected an AC vent to keep the room at 76 degrees, with direct flow towards the plant. Just outside the direct...
  13. G

    Help guys

    Hey guys ; they are my girls , almost 2 weeks now White widow and critical + , temperature around 26-27 C , Humudity around %55-65 , I am using 600 watt hps , 75-80 cm far from plants top , i started to add nutrients (advanced nutrients ) 3 days ago and i did add ver very little , water...
  14. 28 Grams

    Is this the correct way to LST? Also stems are an odd dark color

    It is my understanding that for LST I should try and spiral my plants. I'm not sure what I will do when I transplant them to bigger pots. Right now I just bent them in this way: Also I'm a little worried, why are the stems this color? They are in FoxFarm ocean forest I fed them...
  15. P

    Old New Guy

    I was a 1970's Humboldt grower, back when they called it "sinsemilla". Saw a lot of changes, and moved back to the Bay Area in the early 1980's. Always grew outdoors or in a greenhouse. I was out of the game for many years due to the nature of my job, but now that I'm retired I have the time...
  16. Southerncough

    Perpetual Autoflower Grow - Black Gold - Mango - & More

    Greetings, just thought I'd share my upcoming grow in my home made 2x4x6 cabinet. Going to start with some perpetual autos to put a little medicine in the jar, then start vegging some photos during the last of those to prepare for this winter. Our winter is most people's summer, our summer is...
  17. Heraldo

    Setup advice for Heraldo

    My current setup is an aerogarden with about 100w CFL in a 30x60x80cm (1x2x2.6 if you're more of a feet person) DIY closet. It can handle 1 plant and usually yields a bit under 1oz. Would upgrading to LED be worth my while? Nothing too fancy. I have my eye on a 150w light I could fit in the...
  18. onewarmguy

    CKS - Auto Jack Herrer week 7/8

    Thought I'd post a little update on my Auto Jack Herer from CKS. Dirt - 1000 Wt HPS 18/6 - Green Planet nutes. Here's some new photo's, things seem to be coming along nicely. Baby grew 1 1/2" in the last three days and it's up to 16 separate bud sites now. Discovered a little problem with...
  19. E

    Health Check Please - Brown Tips - Yellowing - Drooping

    Hi All, I'm on day 21 since planting seeds. My grow journal is here: Everson's First Grow - Indoor Soil - Strawberry Kush - Pineapple Haze - Blueberry I may have given nutes too soon. I was noticing a little bit of yellowing, so I gave a very weak feeding last Sunday. Jack's classic at...
  20. Amy Gardner

    Waving from the south south Pacific

    HI all, figured i ought to formally introduce myself here. Have lurked the 420 forums on & off for years. Registered an account back in 2014 but when I came back recently I decided I didn't like my screen name so this is a fresh start (that old account is still active - I don't know how to...