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    Liver Cancer

    Hello this is Michael from germany. my mother got liver cancer. and i want to know what would be the best way to get RSO into her body to kill the liver cancer. i have read many about RSO im not sure if its better over the gum or to digest. thanks in andvance sorry for my bad...
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    Lab-Grown Functional Human Liver Cells

    The liver is the human body's largest internal organs. It is an incredible organ, as it can regenerate (with people able to lose as much as 75 percent and yet still grow it back), and it is also a major part of the completion of metabolism. The liver is constituted by 85% of human liver cells(...
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    Liver Cancer - Can Suppositories Replace Tacking?

    Dear friends, I've just joined the forum but have been intensively reading it for weeks. My head is spinning from the amount of information out there and from fear for my father's health. He was diagnosed with liver cancer 3 months ago and has gone through one session of chemo -- that actually...
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