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  1. Jameii

    First Time Grower PPM Question

    Sorry this is a bit long but I’m desperate. So my daughter brought me a wee plant in early veg. I believe it’s Sativa Summer Cough. I’ve been learning as I go. We transplanted (a bit root bound) into a 10gal fabric bag using Purple Cow Indicanja living soil. For the most part it grew very well...
  2. L

    Livingsoildwc's - Living Soil - Deep Water Culture - Experiment Grow Journal - 2015

    Blessings 420Magazine :high-five: Strain: My 3rd gen SpaceQueen/Kush (not sure about the pedigree)(strains will most likely change throughout this journal) Warning wall of text incoming! :reading420magazine: I am not sure if anybody has ever tried a Living Soil DWC system, but there is...
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