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  1. Solaris420

    Solaris’s Garden: First Grow & Some Cacti, 2019

    Hi everyone, Solaris here from the land of the long white cloud :). Have been posting on overgrow.com lately but damn that site is dead. It is a real shame. This is my first time posting and my first day on this forum. Made an account ages ago but never got around to lurking the site or posting...
  2. 20181101_193552.jpg


    My soil after a sprinkling of Kashi.... little tub is EWC. Definitely alive. I use this soil for transplanting seedlings and amending flower pots.
  3. M

    Critique my Living Soil recipe

    Hey folks, as the title suggests I'm hoping some of you TLO/living soil vets will pick apart my recipe and tell me where I could do better/balance things out. I'm on my 2nd living soil recipe and I'm loving every minute of the method. It's taken me to strive for an entirely localized...
  4. M

    Living Soil Watering Question

    Hey friends, I'm pretty new here so I may have missed this topic somewhere, but I've been searching online for awhile and not found anything. I'm growing an organic living soil grow in 20 gallon fabric pots using LEC lights. The plants are in week 2 of flower have have vegged for 2 months. In...
  5. L

    Livingsoildwc's - Living Soil - Deep Water Culture - Experiment Grow Journal - 2015

    Blessings 420Magazine :high-five: Strain: My 3rd gen SpaceQueen/Kush (not sure about the pedigree)(strains will most likely change throughout this journal) Warning wall of text incoming! :reading420magazine: I am not sure if anybody has ever tried a Living Soil DWC system, but there is...
  6. ClosedCircuit

    $20 DIY Worm Bin - Make your own worm castings!

    $20 Worm Bin DIY Overview: I know some of us here are interested in becoming self sufficient Cannabis growers. I'd like to take that same path so I wanted to share this project with you all so maybe someone else can take some inspiration from it and direct their methods towards self...
  7. ClosedCircuit

    Organic Blue Velvet & Trueberry Micro Grow - CFL - Scrog - LST

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and my first grow ever. Sooo here's the overview before I go into further detail... _______________________________________________________________________ -What strain is it? Dutch Passion's Blue Velvet(f) & Elemental Seed's Trueberry(f)...
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