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  1. TorturedSoul

    Anyone use a heavy-duty extension cord for 15-Amp 110v load?

    Does anyone use a short (three to six feet) extension cord to supply power for a high-amperage constant (12+ hours/day, every day) load to supply their grow room with electricity in a safe manner? Something "store-bought" and - preferably - made in the United States instead of the PRC (red...
  2. P

    Hello & needing assistance with my first go

    Having trouble guys sexing my plants...think they may be female but not sure.... Also, have pics but cannot work out how to load them....looking a bit stressed at the moment with yellow leaves. Anyone be kind enough to help me load some?
  3. V

    New guy from Canada

    Hey how's it going?! I've been creeping around the forums soaking up all he info and finally decided to post. I am on my second/thirdish grow. I grew in the past as a hobby, I started again as a family member dear to me fell ill to cancer and also had a load of other medical conditions. I was...
  4. A

    noob taking on a massive load

    hey hey been an avid smoker for a few years. but recently the jane has opened my eyes to possibilities i never thought were possible where i was in life. im about to start my first grow. ill start my journal soon any tips would be awsome. FYI first time grower with 300 1000w HPS lights...