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  1. C

    Nutrient Deficiency/Lockout

    First time grow i will give as much info as possible and let me know if you need more im at a loss because everything was going so well. I am just about to flip to 12/12 but i would like to figure this out first. Info as follows: 5 white widow (almost all the issues except last pic) 5 green...
  2. F

    Nutrient Lockout Turned Second Grow

    I had an interesting thing happened during my outdoor grow this year. My deadhead og appeared to be ready for harvest based on the trichr phase and did a week 1/2 flushing. The top never did develop a think main cola but the bottom 4/5 of the plant were ready and was having some bug issues so I...
  3. X

    Help - One of my plants may have nute lockout

    Hello everyone. I think one of my plants may have nutrient lockout from the ph being off. Should i test the run off and flush with ph 6.5 water if the ph is way off? And also wanted to know if i could do this if the soil is still moist from the prior watering?? Thanks any experienced opinions...
  4. WizHigh

    Can you cause a lock out foilar feeding?

    Pretty much the title is the question. So I need to know, my plants are going threw some type of lockout and I dont think its from my soil
  5. todaystomale

    Nute lockout? root rot? salt build up?

    so im running ebb and flow 115 gallon rez into my 4 level octagonal pvc system with verticle air cooled light tube from octagonhydroponics. running 2 1k w and 1 600 w( in the middle of the 2 1ks) with nice digital ballasts. air temp in the room is 72-82 depending on where the reading is taken...
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