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    Loft grow setup

    I am designing my loft grow and could use some help to make sure it's going to provide enough airflow. I am going to have a 3m by 3m tent in a large 8m by 8m loft. The loft is being fully converted with stud walls and eave vents so there will be a flow of cold air between the room and...
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    New loft grow - Need some help

    Hi I'm new here and attempting to start a new grow in the loft. I am in the process of getting a full loft conversion fully insulated and then lined with a membrane to prevent dust. I am getting extra eave vents fitted to help with airflow. I have a few things I could use help with...
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    LEDs for loft tent

    This is my first grow I've got a loft tent that measures120 x 120 x 160 x 240cm (Width x Height x Top Height x Depth which leds are recommended they have to be able to fit through loft hatch as well I'm wanting to spend about £1000 any help would be appreciated