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  1. R

    New Member - New Grow

    I am a first time grower who will have a lot of questions lol. I am glad to find a place for answers.
  2. O

    Vermonter dedicated to the benefits of MMJ

    Hello all you peeps out there smoking them funny lil cigs....LOL on the 12/12 looking real good
  3. superskunkdre

    First Ever Grow - Super Skunk - 4 x 600 Watt Growlush - HPS - 2016

    So hi all I'm drew im in the great land down under :thumb: (Australia) I think this is going to be my journal lol so I'll prob type a bit up first than post so to try give the most extensive run down and best info i can on the grow and I'll be posting plenty of pics so thnx hope you enjoy...
  4. triggz2k15

    How to start a grow journal?

    Sorry guys I know the answer is probably starring me in the face lol, but I cant find it any whereee!! arggghhh! lol. been looking for like a hour now, no joke lol. either I'm far too high or just blind. still new to this site, and to growing. This will be my 1st. I signed up today to ask some...
  5. boaz lagniapp

    Luv dat herb

    Cajun grown!! Who Dat!! Lol!
  6. Kundal1n1

    Need some expertise on sexing these fine specimens

    I made some pictures with a macro lens. Feel free to give suggestions. I've been staring myself blind at these calyxes... or might that be the EMF from the CFL's.. lol (i swear i just got a faceburn from them) Sexing 101. Specimen A; Specimen B; Now the million bud...
  7. M

    First time grow and forum user

    Hey! from the sunny Okanagan. First time doing this.. starting a couple of surprise bag seeds and splurged to get Jack Herer Auto Fem so I hopefully (fingers crossed) ensure at least something with a first time effort. Winging it and piecing things together from what I see here and the bible of...
  8. P

    Anyone ever seen a regular seed autoflower?

    I have just found a plant go fully into bloom under 24 hours of light at week 3.5 from the day I started the seed. It is supposed to be a regular plant. Now if it were and auto my soil is way too hot and I would expect it to flower early but I bought and paid for regular seeds and this is what...
  9. TorturedSoul

    I've Been AWOL For A Little While

    If anyone wondered where I wandered, well... it's hard to tell, lol. But I'm back:thumb:. Hope there are lots of trees in your forests!
  10. H

    Site newbie

    Total newbie with this site, or blogging in general. In fact, I'm quite old fashion and prefer not to play around online, but it's the source of all my growing info. Brief background about me; I'm growing medical marijuana for my wife...currently beginning my 3rd grow from bagseed...I grow in...
  11. Tris420

    El Fuego Autoflower 52 Days Old

    Hey 420 Friends ... So Im Growing my first autos now ... Didnt do anything to them ! just let tthem grew ... But now they are very thin and kinda look like a corn field lol ... Has anybody ever seen a plant like that? and will it yield anything lol? or should i just throw them away because...
  12. P

    Strange pH problem?

    Hi guys so I received my 3 in 1 mositure ph and light tester earlier so I checked all my plants and all of them are at the right moisture but 2 of them are showing a phone between 6-7 and the other one is between 5-6 more towards 5 I think lol they all use tap water and the same soil just...
  13. H

    Hello from South Carolina

    57/M/SC lol
  14. M

    Need help for grow box!

    Hi, I'm building a grow box for my first grow, but I wanna make sure this is an accurate size, I'm growing auto NL from cks. The box stands 4.5ft high and 3.5ft long and 28 inches deep. This is my first grow. I'm gonna be using cfls for now, then switching to a marshydro 300w for flowering...
  15. M

    I'm stoned amuse me

    Iight, I'm stoned to the max right now, and it's fucking awesome, but i'm getting a little bored. Post some pics or things to do? :tokin: :bigtoke:
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