1. Stunned

    Long term storage and RH

    Hi everyone, A couple of questions regarding storage of your harvested crop. So, you've harvested, you've air dried, it, trimmed it, cured it ect. You're 100 percent finished........ Now what? If you've grown just for yourself, you may upwards of 15, 16 or more ounces to store. Whats the best...
  2. Justones

    Growing diffrent strians together?

    Is it ok to grow diffrent strians together? Even in the same container? As long as they are all female of course.
  3. B

    Just joined the club

    Happy to be here. Lots of helpful info even though I'm a long term almost master grower~!
  4. B

    Crazy vape

    I just received my Grenco Elite. I bought it for 20 freaking bucks, brand spanking new. It's authentic. Check Wish for vapes. Delivery time is long, and there are fakes out there, so be careful. I can't wait til my harvest is dry!
  5. K

    How long do I have seeds in 24hr lights

    Yesterday was day 21 in planting seeds, they are doing ok, but how long do ikeep them on 24 hr lights, when do I change to 12 n 12, can anyone help please, this is my firstgrow, 4 northern light and 5 ak48. :Namaste:
  6. G

    Newbie from the north

    Hello from north of the border where our laws are slowly changing in the right direction ( at least where pot is concerned ). I have been waiting for this for a long time as I have been paying for it...for a long time. Now with the changes that are coming I am planning ahead. Which brings me...
  7. ckenney82

    How long from seed to harvest? Crop King WWAF

    im 21 days from seed fourth and third sets are coming in. how long till harvest?
  8. Ron Strider

    Long Beach Is Working On A Marijuana Education Campaign

    There's only a few weeks to go before California adults can legally buy marijuana in jurisdictions where local governments permit, and Long Beach officials want to get the message out that "driving high" is a bad idea. City government's Health and Human Services Department plans to spend a...
  9. Ron Strider

    CA: Long Beach To Decide Whether To Allow Sale Of Recreational Marijuana

    Now that Long Beach has settled the issue of medical marijuana, leaders on Tuesday will turn to an even thornier question of whether to allow commercial sales of recreational pot. Long Beach joins a long list of other cities grappling with the issue after California voters passed Prop. 64 in...
  10. Ron Strider

    OH: Hemp Health - Examining Life-Changing Results Of The Controversial Products

    Life changing, it's a strong statement, but that's exactly how some people are describing the impact Hemp is having on their health and their families. Users of CBD products tout a wide range of medical benefits. If you didn't know, the cannabis compound is completely legal. A number of...
  11. Ron Strider

    CA: Long Beach's First Medical Marijuana Shop Opens For Business In Belmont Shore

    An understated, clean storefront with an emphasis on customer service inside – it would appear to be a recipe for success in the Belmont Shore shopping district. But only time will tell how well Connected will fit in. Its stock in trade is medical marijuana. Last November, Long Beach...
  12. A


    hi everyone new member here long time grower from mass
  13. F

    How long would you guys say is left?

    First grow looking for info how long until these. Northern light girls. Are ready 5th week of flower. Photos are not great. I will post better one soon 1st) 2nd) 3rd) this is her when i first started too much streach sorted that
  14. N

    How long before top fed becomes a moot point

    I know top fed dwc speeds up the beginning stages of the plant but when does it stop making any addition benefit? When the roots are out of the net pot and in the nutrient solution? On day 17 from seed atm and am using one tote for top fed dwc for 3 plants but want to move them to there own...
  15. Ron Strider

    CA: Lottery Results For Long Beach Dispensaries - Find Out Where Shops May Open

    Officials often boast about doing things the Long Beach way, and Thursday's lottery drawing for medical marijuana licenses was no different. Shortly after 9 a.m., officials kicked off a process inside City Hall that would allow a limited number of applicants to move toward opening a...
  16. Ron Strider

    CA: Long Beach's First Fully Licensed Medical Marijuana Shop Is Set To Open

    Legal marijuana is on its way back to Long Beach. LB Green Room, is on pace to open some time in the coming week, manager Adam Hijazi said. The business is in the same location, on Seventh Street near Rose Avenue, where it operated during an earlier period when city government regulated...
  17. Ron Strider

    The Many Benefits Of Hemp

    In the Cannabaceae plant family, there are three main branches: Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis Indica, which both grow as shrubby little bushes, and Cannabis sativa, which tends to grow long and leggy, almost like a little tree. These days, sativa strains are popular for inducing cerebral highs...
  18. I

    How long left you reckon?

    Hey guys just want to see what everyone thinks about my plant and how long left until harvest?
  19. C

    Auto White Widow

    Does engine have advice on this plant I've noticed hairs are turning brown quite fast and how long may it take to harvest
  20. H

    1st grow any tips how long left?

    How long do people think I have left on the budding ones?
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