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  1. D

    Seedlings drooping

    hi all, some of my seedlings have drooped over and are no longer standing up by themselves what could be the cause of this??
  2. S

    Flowering times

    hello im pretty new to this ive been reading about taking plants off at 8 weeks when tricolms are more foggy looking but ive heard to let them go longer than 8 weeks what is the benefits of letting them go longer ??
  3. B

    How much longer?

    Anyone with more experience have an educated guess on how much longer. This is week 5 flowering White widow CKS feminized.
  4. C

    First Ever Grow - Jack Herer Auto - When To Flush

    This is my first ever attempt. I'm thinking of flushing this Saturday...maybe 10 days out from harvest at that point, but I have no idea. Leaves are still all green and trichs seem to be clear (see photos). Should I let this go longer or can you tell from the photos whether I'm about 2 weeks...
  5. 4

    Slow growth - Does it actually matter?

    What I'd like to know is does slow growth affect quality/yield? Or does it simply mean you'll have to wait longer and spend more money on electric bills?
  6. jamesleemc

    A few new ones - Red Poison and forgot the 5th

    Tell me what you think aND how much longer you think thank you
  7. S

    Seedling topping/training too early?

    Hello fellow growers! I grow my cannabis in mainline style, average 8-16 main buds per plant, (mostly eight), with a dry yield about 250 grams per plant which is more than enough for my needs. This upcoming grow I'm curious about trying something different because while mainline growing gives...
  8. M

    When do I graduate from being a New Member?

    Hey ya'll, I was just wondering what has to happen for me to no longer be identified as a new member in my profile?
  9. D

    Good News! Cannabis use can lead to increased life expectancy

    " but scientific study on marijuana's long-term neurological impact suggests that pot smokers live up to 2.5 years longer. The average lifespan of a person from the United States " Cannabis use can lead to increased life expectancy | Global Broadcasting Corporation
  10. N

    She looks so yummy yet so sad

    7 weeks in flowering first grow a fungus gnat infestation light leaks just wrong everything... How much longer you think until harvest?
  11. P

    Plant leaves no longer perk up to the light - Is this normal? My plant is flowering

    my auto berry autoflower is almost 6 weeks old above soil and it is flowering but its leaves no longer perk up towards my light. the leaves are always pointing up but they no longer reach for the light after watering the leaves seem to stay in the same position. is this normal ?
  12. DankWolf907


    Forgive me if this has been mentioned in the past. Did a quick scan of the feedback forums and didnt see any.. Spoilers. Would be super duper nice to have. For all those whom like to type and type and type, long winded posts/replies/or 15pics can be hidden behind a 'spoiler' button. No...