1. F

    Tap water

    My tap comes in about 8 ph then I add ph down to 6. 3 and move to my other 5 gallon bucket. And proceed to do the same when I look at it he one I just ph to 6. 3 is now at 7 what's going on
  2. M

    Requesting Assistance Please - Bud Pics

    Greetings, I am a brand new grower. Bought a tent, in-line fan, 300watt LED panel, the whole works. Started the bloom phase on 12/25 and everything has progressed very well using the GH chemical nutes. Today, there seems to be some difference in my buds that I would like you guys to take a...
  3. T

    Disposal of Waste Material

    What is the best way? I just do not like the idea of a compost bin on my back garden that someone can look in and smells? Or am I being paranoid?
  4. F

    Is this ready for harvest?

    Hey All, I'm a new grower and am having doubts about when to harvest. I've attached some pics of the trichomes of my plant. Does it look ready? Some look cloudy and even amber... but some look clear/glassy too. I'm a bit confused and any guidance would be very helpful.
  5. D

    Auto White Widow - Harvest ready?

    Hi everyone. First time grower and I reached that point where I'm wondering if I should flush or give it one last dose of nutes. I'm at day 65 from seed (or 60 from first real leaves) but that plant is faster that its sisters so not sure I can give it more than 10 days. I fimmed (by accident...
  6. A

    DWC problem - Why do my plants look like this

    My plants are 15 days old. I'm using dwc and haven't started nutrients yet. I'm using jiffy pellet as my medium. pH around 6.0-6.5, 18 on and 6 off light schedule. What is going on with these girls????????
  7. D


    This is my second year I moved from outdoor to indoor soil growing I veg my plants for about 2 months. They were clones and are in their third week of flowering they look really healthy and are about 5 foot tall how much longer should I let them flower?
  8. R

    Weird looking plants

    Hello everyone. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on to what is going on in these pictures. I have a total of 6 plants in a 4x4 tent. 3 of which look normal and the other 3 that look like photos below. Any information you may need is below. What Strain is it? Blue Dream How Many...
  9. N

    Hempy bucket question

    I started some seeds in root riot plugs i put them directly into a 5gal hempy bucket a few days after they sprouted. I know this was a mistake but circumstances dictate sometimes. Theyve been in the buckets for alittle over a week and no new growth. They look healthy they just dont grow. My...
  10. weblock420

    Black Trichomes

    Hi 420! Anybody seen this before Ive had a good look and cant find much, if any info... Plants look more than healthy & Happy Im kind of lost on this one any help would be much appreciated. Timewise I have them at 3/4 weeks to go until ready I believe the strain is Babylon Glue...
  11. S

    Total Noob with some questions

    I've got 3 Candy Cane Auto CKS and 2 Northern Lights Auto CKS on day 11. All 5 look very healthy but they all still look like when they were about 3 days old. Is that normal? Thanks in advance. This is my first grow.:thanks:
  12. R

    Bug Identification Required Please!

    Hey guys, I got three autos growing in promix hp, 3gal pots. The past couple weeks I've noticed a bug here and there. Very tiny and I could only ever find one at any given time and I'd try to find more, I would. Right now, all three plants are nearly 7 weeks old, I happened to check them...
  13. B

    What could have caused this

    Ok so one sixth of my led panel is out.. they dont look burned out tho.. could it be a power supply maybe its like (10-15 LEDs x 10-15 LEDs) but like said they don't look brown or burnt.. what could it be?? It's a mars 700 also
  14. Q

    Do these look good!

    Do these look right 2 weeks into flowering out doors . Cotton Candy Kush from Canada
  15. G

    Another grow

    Can anyone tell me why my plant is look in like this?
  16. B

    First time grower

    Hey all, first time grower here and looking for some comments and advice. I germinated 10 feminized jack herer autoflowers at the end of May and put them outside in June. I won't be home for three weeks so am trying to judge by pictures where I am in the grow. Take a look at my pics and give me...
  17. 28 Grams

    Do my plants look okay? A few days after first flush

    Last week I posted photos and concluded that the plants had an excess of Nitrogen. So a few days ago I flushed them with plain water. 6 indica plants in 1 gallon fabric pots. Do they look alright? They seem weak to me... Thanks!
  18. icecreamman

    First Grow - How's It Looking

    Hello 420, My first grow. 11 days into flower. Whay do you guys think. Everything look ok. Thanks for looking
  19. O

    Tiny little spots on some plants

    At some point I thought it was Calcium deficiency, I started using Calcium and NPK 20:20:20... Kindly take a look at my journal to see how things are developing.
  20. D

    What's up fam!

    Hey everyone i go by jay or looch..which ever you prefer lol..im from the east coast and i grow just to learn and prep myself for big things coming..i really look forward to chatting with yall about these amazing plants and learning as much as i can
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