1. C


    Hi there, Corey from Mass. Looking forward to learning and growing... ;)
  2. G

    Pink Mango

    Hi - interested in pink mango (Brazil). Any insights into how one might come across this variety? Looking for seeds. E.g. Breeders. Thanks G
  3. M

    How to find a place for outdoor growing?

    What to keep in mind when I'm looking for an outdoor place to grow my ganja?
  4. Jackalope

    Price to change?

    I am currently running 1000 watt hps lights. Looking to change someday for cheaper electric bills. I realize upgrading to a LED is going to cost upward of $1500 for a really good system. I've seen them as high as $2400 and up. Any suggestions of a " True " replacement for the 1000 watt HPS...
  5. T

    Are my plants healthy?

    My dad mowed the lawns near my plants are my plants ok also I've just feed them and top them are they looking alright
  6. D

    Which LED for 2x4x6 tent?

    I currently run 20x 9w led screw-ins for flower. Getting decent results. Looking to upgrade. Not looking to spend alot for hobby/personal grow. I've narrowed it down to 2 choices. 2x Bloomspect 300w or (1) Maxsisun 450w dimmable Which would be best for my space? Thanks in...
  7. N

    27"x27"x64" LED Lights?

    Anyone have any advice on what wattage I should stay around? The grow tent is on its way and I'm deciding on a light to use. I really only plan to have 2-3 plants. Right now I'm looking at one 600w LED Fixture, would that be enough or daisy chain two 600w. Thanks!
  8. chumly57

    Outdoor grow in Thunder Bay

    Hi, I'm looking to find or share info/problems/solutions to outdoor grow. My 4 seedings are started in the window waiting for transplant into pots at the end of April. I'm planning to use Promix soil from my local greenhouse. Last year I used autoflower santa maria seeds, not a bad result for...
  9. H

    Novice grower

    brand new to this and i am looking to grow a few plants inside. i am on a very tight budget so therefore looking for a low cost set up. any info would be greatly appreciated. also what seeds are best for not giving a person a ravenous appetite after smoking? ty
  10. Jmills

    Wtf are these?

    Hey 420 community.... Can anyone tell me what these orange/yellowish maggot looking things? From what ive gathered from looking at pics online is that their aphid maggots but im not 100% sure. If it helps a diagnosis the 2 gals affcted are about 3 weeks old purple rock candy strain,im using a...
  11. N

    Any legal commercial cultivators out there?

    Hello, I am looking for some info on commercial cultivation. I live in the legal state of California and am looking for info/consulting for growing outdoor commercially this year. Not legal help but I have no clue where to purchase hoophouses, plants, soil, supplies or the like. Any info would...
  12. F

    Feeling like a dummy

    With plant needs my needs and other needs I need to ask if there is a site that I can ask a direct question without pissing everyone off for not looking. This is a great ste but navigation for me is hard. Thanks for your patience
  13. C

    Rookie at this

    Whats goin on 420 my name capo they just passed the law in cali for recreational use wit is weak af but on the plus i get to grow my own weed legally this will be my first grow looking to go Hydroponic DWC im looking to purchase a 2ftx4ft tent, curre t culture solo dwc set up, 600w LED light the...
  14. D

    Is this ready to harvest?

    Hi. My first auto grow and need experts help please. Are these looking ready to harvest???
  15. R

    New guy - Old grower

    ......want to say Hello, and peace to everyone at the 420 forum......new guy here, looking for info and looking to share my experience with growing. Diagnosed with Parkinsons,...it put me in a wheel chair, and took all my freedom....but with the right strains.......Im walking talking and living...
  16. J

    An introduction

    Hello people I'm new to this but would just like to introduce myself I'm, Johnsy and I'm looking forward to being part of the 420 community thank you.
  17. J

    Can I push TDS for better results in soil?

    Am I on the right track ? Quick story We run a sealed room CO2, light mover,1000 watt HPS in flower.The grow medium is homemade compost ,Earthworm castings,perlite,crab shells and a few other goodies.The plants are fed compost teas, and The Bio Canna line of nutes when we feel the need...
  18. M

    Best budget LED? So many to choose from!

    I'm looking for an LED light in the 500 watt range and was wondering if anyone could recommend something. I see the prices range from $50 to $1000! I'm looking for something low cost to compliment my Mars Hydro 600 for a 4x4 grow room.. Thanks..
  19. M

    Carbon filter or not?

    Hi i'm an absolute beginner looking for the advice of more experienced growers. This is my first time growing and i'm looking to grow a single AK47 plant in my closet via a space bucket. My plan was to not include any carbon filter and just use Ona Gel that i'll position near the exhaust fan on...
  20. G

    Another newbie looking for advice & reassurance

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum for a while and finally decided to register and post seeing as everyone here is so helpful and can likely reassure me/guide me in the right direction. I'm looking to start growing my own herb in the new year. My plan is to start it off easy, and not...
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