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    Zen Healing Collective - West Hollywood, California

    If you are a legal Medical Marijuana patient in the state of California, please check out our Sponsor Zen Healing Collective for some of the Best High Grade Medical Marijuana in California! At "Zen" we are committed to providing our patients with natural alternatives to treat their pain and...
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    MMJ Qualification + doctor help

    Hi everyone, Ever since I can remember I've always been unhealty but in the past years it has started getting a lot worse. First it started with depression and problems with anxiety, then I started having really bad head aches, then came insomnia (I always feel tired and restless but yet I'm...
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    Hey everyone in socal

    sup... i have started a journal with Bubba Kush and Blueberry - check it out and say wassup - Looking to meet more medical patients in socal- LA :yummy: listen to reggae and dub
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