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    Blue Dream grown outdoors in LOS
  2. StoneOtter

    Completed Otterfarm Flooded! NextLight Mega Responsible!

    :love: Welcome :love: Secure Your Shades There's A New Light in Otterville! And I Couldn't Be Happier To Show You All! You know things are good when you can think back and say, what days have been better than this one, and birth of children come to mind. Today's one. My Nextlight Mega came...
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    My soil after a sprinkling of Kashi.... little tub is EWC. Definitely alive. I use this soil for transplanting seedlings and amending flower pots.
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: With Clock Ticking Down To Legalization, Marijuana Becomes A Suburban Affair

    All that's left of the onions at the Wheeler Farms shed here is the smell. The only crop around it is the field of discarded shopping bags flagged to the thorns of desert weeds. For cannabis power couple Lisa and Bob Selan, though, this drive-by plot of high desert in suburban Antelope Valley...
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: Los Angeles Businesses May Wait Weeks For Legal Weed Licenses In 2018

    The city won't begin accepting applications to sell legal recreational pot until Jan. 3, officials say. California kicks off recreational sales on New Year's Day, becoming the largest state in the nation with legal marijuana. But Los Angeles officials announced Friday that dispensaries in...
  6. RheinRover

    RR's Winter Grow - Krishna Kush - Black Kush 98 - OGK

    So after a long break of not having my own journal I think its time to fire one up. Doing things a little different around here this time and will be trying my luck with photoperiod seeds. Due to my small grow space AutoFlower is my usual go to but I think with a quick veg time I can keep these...
  7. Ron Strider

    California Cannabis Farm Partners With Florist To Create Wacky Weed Holiday Wreaths

    A California cannabis company has hooked up with a Los Angeles florist to create a limited-edition holiday wreath laced with an ounce of marijuana buds. Henry's Original, which produces and sells 'heirloom cannabis,' has partnered with Amy Nicole Floral to make and sell the custom wreaths...
  8. Ron Strider

    CA: Can Los Angeles Repair The Damage Done By The War On Marijuana

    Make no mistake, the war on marijuana has not been colorblind. Despite national surveys showing that white people and black people use marijuana at approximately the same rates, blacks have over the years been nearly four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites...
  9. Ron Strider

    CA: With Legalization Around The Corner, Los Angeles Contemplates Another Dumb Move

    Like countless Californians in the last few years, Roberta Koz Wilson and her brother Jeff saw the coming revolution in cannabis and decided they wanted a piece of it. Or in their case, a bite. Using a recipe perfected by their mother, they created Dr. Norm's Cookie Co., a Los...
  10. Ron Strider

    CA: LA Leaders OK Cannabis Czar As 'New Era' Of Recreational Marijuana Approaches

    An active and prominent supporter of the campaign to legalize recreational-use cannabis in California will head up the Los Angeles agency tasked with regulating the local marijuana industry. Cat Packer, a nominee of Mayor Eric Garcetti, was confirmed on a City Council vote of 13-0 Wednesday...
  11. Ron Strider

    Zach Randolph Arrested On Charge Of Marijuana Possession With Intent To Sell

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arrested Sacramento Kings forward Zach Randolph on a felony charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell, according to police reports. The arrest was part of a Wednesday night disturbance that resulted in damage to five Los Angeles Police...
  12. Ron Strider

    CA: Fear Comes With The Job For Marijuana Store Owner

    In California and other states where marijuana is legal for medical or recreational use, pot store owners often find themselves nervously carrying around large amounts of cash. That's because most banks want nothing to do with money linked to a plant that remains illegal under federal law...
  13. Ron Strider

    CA: Top Cannabis Organizations Declare War With Los Angeles City Council

    The UCBA, UFCW 770 and LA Cannabis Task Force (and their association leaders in Los Angeles) organized a call to arms Monday June 19. The revolution was destined to start at the Los Angeles Athletic Club because rush hour traffic and expensive parking makes the venue the most inaccessible part...
  14. Ron Strider

    When It Comes To Regulating Marijuana, Can We Count On Los Angeles To Do Right Thing

    I felt kind of sorry for the guy sitting next to me Monday at the “Future of Cannabis” event at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. He’s a commercial real estate broker who knows nothing about the marijuana business. But a friend of his who works in the trade suggested that now would be a good time...
  15. K

    Chances For African Americans To Benefit In Budding Cannabis Industry Go Up In Smoke

    African American Californians are looking forward to having a stake in the state's medicinal and the adult recreational-use cannabis industry as dispensary owners are being locked out of the big cannabis business machine once it revs up in 2018. As a devoted member of the Minority Cannabis...
  16. K

    CA: LA County Leaders To Begin Talks On Regulating Legal Marijuana Sales

    With legal marijuana sales set to begin in California in less than a year, Los Angeles County leaders will introduce a motion Tuesday to start the process of crafting a set of regulations to protect public safety and to encourage a sustainable and potentially multi-billion-dollar cannabis...
  17. 3

    Abandoned 36Gr0w Show

    I will be showing four grow areas here(possibly more at times), two 4x4 tents, a 3x6 clone/seed spot, and a 12x15 room. The lighting used is a 400w MH/HPS + 300w Old Model Mars Hydro in one tent, a 6 bulb veg T5 in another tent, a 48x3 Mars Hydro Reflector for seeds/clones, and 6000w in the...
  18. Blazinjones

    Completed Blaze's Journey Into Fire Organics: LOS Mix, Bag Seed, 2016

    high all (lol pun intended) i figured id do a journal on my first attempt into organics im doing a los mix (living organic soil) from buildasoil.com. I wana go all natural so no bottle nothing jus a plain soil mix and ssts (seed sprout teas) and acts (aireated compost teas) and plain ro water...
  19. K

    CA: Governor Rejects Special Deal To Save L.A. Pot Shops From Extinction

    Even the most upstanding marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles aren't fully legit. They're tolerated under voter-approved Proposition D, which gives limited legal immunity to 135 or fewer collectives. Otherwise, pot shops are 100 percent illegal in this here town. That's a problem...
  20. K

    CA: Medical Marijuana And Escape From L.A.

    The situation for medical marijuana collectives in the City of Los Angeles is a jumble under Proposition D, a zoning and city registration measure meant to control and limit the number of collectives within city limits. The cannabis lawyers at my firm have written extensively about Proposition D...
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