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  1. Zayah

    Transplanting to new grow medium: Coco Perlite 70/30 mix, need help please

    Do all Coco perlite mixes have to have cal mag added to them because of the coco ? I read that they do something that causes the medium to lack it, but where i get confused at is whether I have to add it to my Mother Earth Coco perlite 70/30 mix before I transplant my plant and if its mostly for...
  2. Z

    Lost dates - A little info help needed

    could some kind soul please put me back on the right track by telling me how long i have to go from the look of the image,my phone died so lost dates i think its around the 6th or 7th week, thanks for any help.
  3. G

    Lost Coast - Hash Plant - Balcony Grow

    Got a free seed with recent purchase of seeds - lost coast hashplant. It a photo so is difficult to grow round these parts due to the long days still in july/august. Thought what the hell and planting it alongside my autos. Can potentially grow to 3.5m tall outside but i will be happy with a...
  4. E

    Risen warriors

    You can't fall if your an ANGEL..,Hello everybody,rest in peace to those who dedicated their lives discovering the beautiful benefits of cannabis.I personally have FOUND my calling,my passion if you will,and I personally have defeated the myths, and scared tactics regarding cannabis,it's...
  5. F

    Can I harvest in a week?

    ok so i know most of the buds and the plant itself are small this was a spare of the moment thing... i would just like to know weather it is still early or if she will be okay to harvest in a week... i have lost my 30x loupe by the way to cant really check the trichomes..
  6. C

    How do I know my grow lights are out of life span?

    I use to record all my time used but I lost my paper with my hour ,,,can I buy something to test the lights lumen tester or something thanks
  7. L

    Any moderators please help

    Hello I have been a member with this site since 2009 under the name of DrTentgrow I have made quite a few journals on here and helped a few folk. Unfortunately when I try to sign in it won't let me saying that my password is wrong?? I have definitely entered it properly as it is saved in my...
  8. LostMarley

    New guy on Campus

    High family! I'm just introducing myself as a cool weed smoker. I'm in the process of trying to grow mary j for the first time and am open to any suggestions. Other than that i'm here to rub elbows with fellow smokers, been smoking 6 years strong, its kinda in the family lol. Hit me...
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