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  1. M

    I am happy to be part of this great team

    Hello I hope to get the best and good friends we have a lot to offer and we work so hard to make cannabis legal i all of USA
  2. S


    I'm Dee I'm a new grower on my second grow hope to learn a lot on here:thanks
  3. S

    Science Seeker - Let me introduce myself

    :thumb: I am an Englishman and live in the south of England. I am disabled after a fall from a building took away my ability to walk. I am able to walk around 5 metres with a stick at this time and in years gone by I adored walking. I walked in The New Forest for 20 miles or more and loved...
  4. K

    Been lurking for a while

    I have been on here lurking for a while so I thought I better introduce myself. I am in the over 50 crowd. I have had some health issues that brought me back to using cannabis. I am not a fan of the black market for a lot of reasons so I decided to grow. I have all my stuff and am going to start...
  5. S


    Hello everyone! Figured it was time to start one of these. Been doing a lot of reading and research. Hopefully starting my first grow here within the month. A lot of good information here, still have a lot of reading to do. Thanks for having me.
  6. Ron Strider

    KY: Representative To File Bill Allowing Counties To Decide On Marijuana Legalization

    A press release from the campaign manager for Representative Dan Johnson of Bullitt County said that he is filing a bill for the 2018 General Assembly that if passed, would allow local jurisdictions to hold local option elections to decide whether to allow marijuana growth, possession, and...
  7. Ron Strider

    California's Multimillion-Dollar Pot Farms Are Going Up In Smoke

    Talk about a buzz kill: In addition to charring acres of wine country north of San Francisco, California's sweeping wildfires are also destroying cannabis farms in and around the state's Emerald Triangle. For many producers, the financial losses include not just harvest-ready crops, but...
  8. Ron Strider

    3 Months Of Recreational Marijuana Sales, Nevada Dispensaries Experience Pot Shortage

    It's been three months since recreational marijuana dispensaries opened across Nevada on July 1. The Nevada Department of Taxation recently released data about the first month of sales. It shows Marijuana sales in July alone generated more than $3.6 million in taxes. Nearly a million of that...
  9. S

    Sir Smoke a lot

    Please can anyone help me please with popping seeds been smoking for over 20 yrs now I have M S and Parkinson's growing I don't have a problem but I just can not get my seeds to pop and I have tried everything you can think of but still no success please please help running low need to get seed...
  10. P

    Old New Guy

    I was a 1970's Humboldt grower, back when they called it "sinsemilla". Saw a lot of changes, and moved back to the Bay Area in the early 1980's. Always grew outdoors or in a greenhouse. I was out of the game for many years due to the nature of my job, but now that I'm retired I have the time...
  11. Y

    Plant drooping a lot - No apparent reason

    Don't get it, this plant's always kinda droopy. It looks thirsty but it gets watered often enough. Over watering? Man, I don't know. It's getting watered every couple to 3 days or so and the rest are all looking normal. This one's always just got a droop thing going on. Halp.
  12. O

    Newbie from Africa

    Hello everyone, I am 36 yrs old newbie Hope learn a lot and enjoy being around you guys. Cheers
  13. F


    Hey there, new to the forum, would just like to introduce myself. 54 years young been enjoying natures gift since the late seventies, when it seemed only a certain kind of folk indulged:), but hey how times change everyone seems to smoke ,, all creeds and cultures ,, wonderful! But...
  14. Why Doe

    Carbon filter need help asap

    I have this combo and it was working great for a couple weeks. Now it's not sucking like it used to, the problem I'm 99% sure lies with the carbon filter. Do you have to clean these things? How easy are they to get clogged? Seems to be a lot of black particles inside. VIVOSUN 203 CFM 4" Inline...
  15. C

    First time growing

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share some pics of my first grow. Grew these with CFL's then switched to 1000 watt HPS three days ago for flowering. They are Somango XL grown in a mixture of soils in 17 gallon totes. I have two plant in two of the totes that I divided in half to keep roots separated...
  16. Y

    I'm taking a drug test in about 3 weeks

    So I'm planning on joining the army and I haven't scheduled a MEPs date yet but I plan on going there to take my drug test around the end of may or beginning of June. I've been smoking on average 3-5 times a week, and smoking a lot too (sometimes id smoking 5-7 times a week, sometimes id smoke...
  17. M

    Hopeful, excited new grower, ready to learn and listen to advice

    Hi guys. Thanks for accepting me ! I have a lot to learn and might ask a lot of questions. Advice from experienced and seasoned growers would be hugely appreciated. In the gallery I have uploaded some pics of my new buds from day 1 of flowering up to the 4th week. I've been on YouTube, but info...
  18. W

    Lava rock brand

    Hello - My 4 15 gallon pots call for 5 gallons of lava rock in each pot. I did get 6 bags of the quickrete brand below, but im wondering are these even ment to mix in with soil? The rocks are really big and have been smashing them, but a lot of the time they just turn to dust. So I'm not...
  19. C

    Need some advice

    I would like to know how we are doing. I am doing a lot of trial and error with bag seeds and monitoring growth from planting to sprouting etc. I stunted the first 5 initially with light heat intensity. Round two did ok but also fail. Round three is now at 12 days. Again initial heat burn but...
  20. pino0911

    Pino's Coco & Perlite, Thunderpaws, First Grow Ever 2017

    Hello Everyone!! I am Pino0911 and very happy to say I am on my way with my first grow ever!! I am currently two weeks in today and starting late to a rough start, but believe I have deficiencies figured out. Started in Grodan starter cubes and started my nute regiment late thus having a...
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