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    Heat problems

    Hey guys, Im growing for the second time, last year I started in March 23 and harvested June 25. Im proud of the result, it was not as strong as the stuff I bought from dealers but it was quiet good. My impatience did it. This time I started June 23 and Im running into some problems. The...
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    Need help!

    Seedling looked like it was dead for 2 weeks.... Then stem started turning green.... It's not growing up towards the light though cuz I fucked up somewhere between going from outdoors to indoors n then scraping the (what looked like to be dead) first little round leaves... Stem is still...
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    Edibles: Mids VS Loud?

    When making hash, oil or butter, which is better to use? Mids or loud? I've heard some people just sum it up with, "you use crap, you get crap." But I've also heard people say loud is wasted on edibles because its quality is better appreciated through smoking. They also say that mids will get...
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