1. First loupe Grand Daddy x D Bubba

    First loupe Grand Daddy x D Bubba

  2. JGibs420

    Can't find a loupe? Modify binoculars

    So if like me you've just about given up looking for a loupe all over town and can't find one... Buy some second hand broken binoculars like I did for about $3 and turn it into a loupe yourself :thumb: I used an 8x30 pair of binoculars, simply took it apart and adjusted the lenses slightly to...
  3. E

    Spotting amber trichs is a PITA!

    I have a 60x loupe and a 100x pocket microscope. this is frustrating. I think I see some ambers but when I go to focus on the area better, i lose my spot! ugh definitely see milky ones The loupe doesnt enlarge it enough. The plants are changing to fall colors and the hairs are mostly red. 9...
  4. F

    Can I harvest in a week?

    ok so i know most of the buds and the plant itself are small this was a spare of the moment thing... i would just like to know weather it is still early or if she will be okay to harvest in a week... i have lost my 30x loupe by the way to cant really check the trichomes..
  5. K

    Magnifying Glass

    In reading here on 420, it has been suggested to use a 30x magnifying glass to view certain parts of a plant. I have not been able to find one. Does anyone know where I may purchase one ? Also I went to Radio Shack and purchased one of their 60x - 100x hand held microscopes. I find this almost...
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