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  1. Zombikush81

    Clone Royal Gorilla

    started 8 weeks of flowering, already I started to wash the roots from the 7th week .... I foresee to keep it again for 3/5 days peace & love
  2. Zombikush81

    Started New Cycle GG #4

    started new cycle ... GG # 4 finite 4 weeks of growth ....! I love this variety but I love taking care of these fantastic friends this morning passed into a larger pot ....
  3. L

    New guy from Canada saying high!

    Hey everyone I have been using cannabis for around 10 years now for stress problem and anxiety disorder and i can say that it is a lot better than any meds i have used in the past! I just started a couple of months ago to grow my own organic outside cannabis and I'm looking forward to all your...
  4. F

    I'm back! Thanks for all your help before! Photos now included!

    Hello all I was here a few years ago when I experimented in a cupboard and the input I got from you all was invaluable so I'm back and experimenting again, but this time I'm trying harder with more love! I am not an experienced grower. It was one plant in a cupboard and it went well enough...
  5. B

    If I had a blunt, I'd pass it around to all of you

    I've been smoking the ganj for 25 years, but just started growing last winter. I'm just starting the flower phase of my 3rd grow. Well, technically my 3rd grow, but honestly my first serious grow. I actually invested in some good genetics, and am keeping a grow notebook. I am an led...
  6. S

    Can Cannabis cure Fibromyalgia?

  7. Old Hippy 127

    A Love-Hate Relationship

    I LOVE growing cannabis. I HATE trimming bud! Whenever I think I should grow more plants, I remember how much I hate trimming. Peace...:Namaste:
  8. M

    Hi consider myself new again

    :welcome: and :thanks: hi I'm mooshu I began a cuple of threads a while back and now I'm back again trying to put some motivation into the growing habit to which I have formed. I just got the room set up again check her out both rooms are receiving 24 hrs of light. the...
  9. BraicaBrick

    Skywalker Kush & Company - Soil - LED

    :420:What's up 420 Family! :welcome: Re-Vamped and Ready. We're coming up on flower and I wanted to make sure Everybody could watch my back moving forward. Growing together across land and sea- I love it. First round with these strains, We'll see how good I'm not. First thing's last.. These...
  10. Ron Strider

    LA: Could Legalizing Marijuana Balance New Orleans' Budget

    In a city with such costly obligations that money to prosecute criminals has to be weighed against fixing roads, finding new revenue and holding down expenses are the only way to increase the services the city can afford. And one possible solution, two candidates for District B suggested...
  11. W

    New to weed

    Hi... I'm new to weed, but already have a love for growing tomatoes etc. I figured this would be a great place to bring things together and learn.... I also love beer.
  12. F

    I'm here and am in love with these forums

    I just recently got on this site and am hoping to get some blueberry seeds or perhaps bubba. I would really love to meet some people that live in TX or nearby to it that have the same interest. Im currently in the middle of getting everything I need for my future plants. :thumb:
  13. C

    Got my first daily high club subscription box love it!

    Got my first daily high club subscription box love it!
  14. C

    Licensed producers in Canada

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some insight into what are good LPs and ones to stay away from. I'm getting my "green" card soon and would love some feedback. Also looking into growing my own (through the proper channels of course). Thanks and take care!
  15. Billyberu


    High:420: My friends call me Billy...Billyberu I never introduced myself, but posted randomly on this sitr I am new to growing weed....... but absolutely love it!! Although I have sprouted many plants this spring and given them away ( spreading the love in Massachusetts ). This will be...
  16. D


    howdy folks,,,, i am a fully registered dudeist priest,,,i ordained online,,an it was easy,,,oor main church is in america,,,and is called the church of the latter day dude,,,,,,if yev seen the big lebowski,,,then ye,ll know wot it,s all about,,,the rules,,or,,,guidelines o dudeism...
  17. lazyfish

    Why 420?

    Why do we commemorate 420? What does 420 mean to you? :Love:
  18. Toxic Fluid

    Lovely day again in Southern California

    Here it is the middle of March and the weather is lovely. This is why I came to California 50 years ago. I love it here but I feel no love for our goofy Governor. I heard he sleeps naked in front of the fire place in a blanket. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.
  19. Van Stank

    New member and 1st time grower

    Hey all, Van Stank here, I have been a reader for a while now and love the magazine. Finally bit the bullet and decided to do my 1st grow and get active in threads and posts. I love all the advice and input I see from all the members and the fact that there isn't any of the degrading name...
  20. M

    Help needed please

    Hi there I have stumbled across this forum in " googling" since discovering my dad has pulmonary fibrosis. I have seen many pages indicating that cannabis oil may be helpful is slowing progression and I would love to get some for my Dad. However it is a minefield. Nowhere says which oil to buy...
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