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  1. C

    Happy Growing

    Hi everyone, I'm just working on my first grow and learning from all you lovely people, merry meet to you all and happy toking or whichever way and for whatever reasons you enjoy this magical plant.
  2. A

    What is going on with this lovely lady? Please help

    How do you add a photo lol. Its not giving me the option....
  3. Toxic Fluid

    Lovely day again in Southern California

    Here it is the middle of March and the weather is lovely. This is why I came to California 50 years ago. I love it here but I feel no love for our goofy Governor. I heard he sleeps naked in front of the fire place in a blanket. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.
  4. BikerBear

    Lovely Aroma Now Starting

    Hi Folks, Newbie at growing; only my first.... Went into the grow tent today, and I must say the lovely aroma is now starting.... Does this mean by girls are about to start the bloom/budding stage? All of my girls are in soil, under grow & daylight bulbs. They look absolutely amazing...
  5. P

    Are my autoflowers flowering?

    This is my 1st grow and I dont want to miss introducing the flowering nutes and lights. What is your opinion? Here is my two lovely ladies side by side: And here are their coloas:
  6. SoloVoodoo

    White Voodoo solo grow

    Due to grower error I lost 4 of 5 seeds but there is a light of hope as your lovely genetics produced a female for me of course it's when I thought all was lost and I was going to have to toss my only white voodoo but am as happy as can be here is my lovely little girl she was started Dec 22Nd...