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  1. T

    First time grower

    Whats up everyone! been a mmj patient for a year now. Decided to start growing my own medicine. Loving it so far and glad to be here. peace and good health to all
  2. F

    Hello Friends

    How's it going everyone! I have been a long time lurker of this forum and many other similar ones and finally thought I should make an account. I am a medical marijuana patient in California and found this website as a good resource to help me educate family and loved ones on my self medication...
  3. sofuknhigh

    Hello from modesto

    Hello everyone, Well i am bean and i am alongtime cannabis lover I have had some exp with hps;mh and cfls. I am new to The led lights i just purchased a mars hydro 96 reflector 4 wks ago. I am Loving it happy with my lil dresser this light Reminds me of a hps 250w :thumb::thanks: glad to...
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