low ph

  1. C

    Poorly Plants - yellowing curly top leaves, lower leaves dropping off

    I've encountered a problem with my girls just coming into week 4 of flowering. Growing 5 autoflower Girl Scout Cookies in a BudBox Pro tent with 600W LED light and growing in coco coir with 30% perlite mix. One of the plants started showing yellowing and curling tips on the top fan leaves and...
  2. N

    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Hi folks! I really nead som help. I made my own soil-mix with perlite, vermicukilite, klay and unfourtuneally "peat ore sphagnum. Why I say unfourtuneally is that I use to much of it. Mayby 40% - 45%. For 2 days now, my new plantet have slowed down and I could'nt figer out the problem...
  3. I

    Super Low PH in FFOF!?

    I posted this in the veg forum and have gotten almost no advice and I'm trying to get a diagnosis. I'm having a major issue with crazy low PH in FFOF/FFHF/Perlite: Strain - Bubblelicious, Cheese, Papaya (Germ 9 Nov, transplanted 22 Nov) # of Plants - 9 (3 each) Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage -...
  4. WizHigh

    Yellow special or yellow not so special? Help!

    I have been farming for about a week no, my first love is growing beautiful and healthy just added its first taste of fish fert, stinky stuff. I had a little surprise today, my second plant is only a day above ground. Just noticed it his morning. But the thing is its YELLOW!!!! YES the first day...
  5. S

    Persistent Ph problem

    I'm on my third grow, in soil, Biomix light with perlite... Current grow is AK48, PPP, Northern Lights, all femenized. Problem is high ph.. everything starts off great with a ph of 7 - I adjust that by watering with ph adjusted to 5.2/5.4. And that corrects the ph, according to the runoff...
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