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  1. vfbelfort

    Just wanted to know how my first time is going - Critical x Low Ryder Auto

    Hey, just wanted to know how im doing so far, ive got 2 plants (auto criticalxlowryder), they are in the fourth week of flowering, did de veg outdoors, and now are indoors under a 250w HPS lamp, in a 18x8 light regime. The nute im using is PLANGROW, sea weed bloom (1/4 of regular dose)...
  2. L

    Think i have a mutant. need advice

    so im growing an auto lowryder femanized ( regular not #2) and instead of growing its lefs in sets of 2 its growimg in sets of 3. anyone know why? is it good nad or neither? im hoping more sets means more flowers? and do i need to treat it any different than i would a normal auto? this is my...
  3. Epicannabis

    Epicannabis - Soil — LowRyder Hindu Kush Critical Cure — 2014

    Colleagues, Now that my only son is 18, becoming an individual, I have less to worry about the example I set and can revisit one of my passions that I had to set aside 18 years ago in California – growing cannabis at home. This grow journal is a bit atypical in that half of it is passed for...
  4. B

    one plant very small DIY hydro pot or tub, help and ideas!?!

    im currently building a small grow cabinet ( 420 Magazine ® ) I am debating on whether or not to build a little one plant hydro pot i have read several DIY instructions on building them and have a good understanding but can i build a system that wont take up anymore then 6 inches height and...
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