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low stress training

  1. staynew49

    About To Start Flowering 7, First Time

    I have 7 ladies starting flowering today at 7 pm and 6 more ready to flower in a couple of weeks it is all for personal use. Aren't they beautiful, I'm so excited to finally be starting the Flowering. One thing that is amazing is that I have only used nutrients , 2 times in the whole 6 weeks...
  2. GrowerGal

    3 Month LST, Low Stress Training

    Bringing you some photos of my 3-month lst grow. Started my 4 girlies indoors, eventually put them out on the balcony. Any way to get them to stop flowering? It's only June.
  3. Random dwarf plant before harvest

    Random dwarf plant before harvest

  4. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  5. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  6. A

    Plant not Growing!

  7. 2020-02-22: Cannabis Low Stress Training (LST) In Veg

    2020-02-22: Cannabis Low Stress Training (LST) In Veg

    We do some Low Stress Training (LST) on the cannabis plants that were recently bowled using heavy topping and heavy defoliation. Bowling seems to work well w...
  8. Xan King

    Month 2

    Does she look healthy? This Is day 2 of lst. Am I doing this right?
  9. 8C42E063-654D-4486-8594-C123C3BBE2DE.jpeg


    6 x cheese girls 12 Hours after tying down
  10. 20190124_190850.jpg


    Another day 40 sshot of my auto thunder bloody
  11. InTheShed

    How I perform low stress training on my plants: Lots of pics!

    Greetings all! I've had members ask about how I do my LST (low stress training) on my plants so I thought I would do a pictorial on it. My pics are of two different plants but don't let that confuse you. It's just easier to demonstrate that way. Let's discuss the theory behind LST for a...
  12. Somewhitekid513

    Needing some tips on my plants!

    I got one in flower im guessing around 7 weeks into flower. An the other is about 8 days old , an another that just sprouted. Im keeping them outside until it gets to cold then im putting them inside on a 12/12 schedule . I need any tips tricks or anything thay can help any of my plants. Also...
  13. aceknight

    White Widow Auto-Flower Week 4

  14. ddGreenThumb

    Bonsai-esque LST: Observances, experience, input?

    Some Details I had a bag seed which I planted a couple of months ago. This tough little plant has been very tolerant and forgiving during my learning stages of growing. I ended up trying some LST in a bonsai style and have new growth coming up rapidly that I'm hoping to get some feedback on. I...
  15. Norris flake

    Norris Flake's Grow Journal, Critical Kush 20% Sativa 80% Indica

    Hi everyone. This is the only forum I've ever joined, on the internet perioid. Can't really get enough advice when it comes to caring for a plant of this importance and use, so thought I'd be safe and pick the minds of the "been there done that" community. So... I've planted a single critical...
  16. Lyzardman

    Lyzardman's First Grow - NL#5 - Organic Soil - 3 Gallon Pot - 150W CFL - Dakine Nutes

    Ok let the noob story begin....I am 10 days in on my first grow, I was given a clone of Northern Lights #5 from a dispensary, I don't have a grow tent but will be picking one in a couple of days so I set her up in my room. I also didn't have a light so i picked up a 150w CFL with a hammered...
  17. ptk2k

    Question on size growth when switching to flowering for LST'd plants

    hey all! i've got three ladies (all femmed, 2 cheese seeds from VIP, different phenos apparently, then a delahaze from paradise seeds all the way to the right) about 2/3 way through vegging. my question stems from how much and how i'm training them. i'm doing an out and up method for all main...
  18. KrashBndicoot

    First Time - Bag Seed - 600W HID - Topped - Defoliated - LST

    O.k. here we go. Here is my grow log. I started it off about 8 weeks ago. Medium: Good quality (Store bought)potting soilI. I six plants in 10litre buckets, holes drilled in bottom, with about 2 inches of gravel at bottom of buckets. Light: 600watt MH for Veg, and 600watt HPS for...
  19. pantyraid7036

    PantyRaid's 1st Grow - With LST!

    What strain is it? Lemon Autogrow (which is not autogrowing) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? in between? If in Veg... For how long? 2 months Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? soil Size of light? 2 CFLs (100 w?) and window Hi! This is my first ever grow (obviously). What do you think? Hows...
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