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  1. Bubble


  2. Bubble


    25u, 45u 160u
  3. Bubble Hash

    Bubble Hash

    Cali Bay Dream fresh froze and three quarts shake 5g
  4. Here


  5. Different lemon

    Different lemon

    This lemon put out a crumble?
  6. Lemon K one plant

    Lemon K one plant

    The rosin in the pics above
  7. The drip

    The drip

    6.3 gave 1.5g rosin
  8. Lemon Kush Rosin

    Lemon Kush Rosin

  9. Cali BD

    Cali BD

  10. Lemon Kush

    Lemon Kush

  11. Thunder cookies

    Thunder cookies

  12. Cali Bay Dream

    Cali Bay Dream

    It's still a little wet and is so smooth.
  13. Day 23

    Day 23

    I'm certain the growth equals the ppfd meter...
  14. Day 23

    Day 23

    Those bumholes
  15. Day 23

    Day 23

  16. Day 23

    Day 23

  17. Day 23 Clones

    Day 23 Clones

    24hr switch one on a 100w diamond series from advanced led. Love the lamp for cloning
  18. Thunder Cookies

    Thunder Cookies

  19. Thunder Cookie

    Thunder Cookie

    How the bud looks.
  20. Lemon Kush

    Lemon Kush

    This is the best growing and Lemon smelling!
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