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lowryder #2 feminized

  1. C

    Cremic's First Go! - Here We Grow!

    Hello fellow 420 growers This is my first attempt so please have patient and feel free to drop any advice or comments   Strain: Blueberry low Ryder auto femi Medium: Regular plant soil Light Cycle: 20/4 Light Type CFL, 6x24 W My mate is 6-7 days old now is growing each day. I hope that she...
  2. B

    Lowryder #2 - Balcony grow - Natural Light cicle - Plz Help

    Hey guys, I´m First time grower, and I´m trying to get my first buds from de lowryder #2 autoflower feminized I bought in a famous bank seed. The seeds came trough nicely and so far, the only one i try to germinate is now in veg stage on my balcony. Like I said on the title, it´s one plant...
  3. shmeg

    Shmeg's LowRyder #2 - 4 Plant - 1st Hydro Grow - In Progress

    Greetings, I am already a week into my grow but I have fastidiously kept notes/photos in Note Master on my iPhone and decided to simply synch my notes with Google Drive. Therefore I am beginning at the beginning just to keep everything chronologically correct. Thank you for visiting my grow...
  4. L

    Lowryder #2 Feminized Goes Hermie?

    I guess its payback time. Day 53 of grow. When they were seedlings I nearly drown them. I think I'm in a state of denial. Is it time to cut it? All 4 plants are over 3 feet but this is the tallest and the first to show flowers. Can it be cured and smoked? Thanks for any information.
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