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lowryder #2

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    Hindu Kush Hybrid Ruderalis & White Widow x Lowryder #2 - From Seed - AutoFlowering

    Hindu Kush latest pic @ 2 Weeks White Widow x Low Ryder #2 latest pic @ 2 Weeks
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    First Lowryder #2 - 600 Watt CFL - Closet Grow Newbie

    hey guys! this is my first grow ever. I am growing some lr2. I'll first start off with what I'm working with. I have already started the grow, I figured why not get some help :) Length of growth so far? day 16 (roughly) What strain is it? Lr2 Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro...
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    First Grow - LR#2, LowBerry, Skunk.

    After along research and googling I`ve decided to do indoor growing. I got fed up when you get riped off or other herbs mixed in. So I bought: Lowberry, Lowryder#2 from Irish Seed Bank Skunk from WSS Skunk Feminized from the Weed Seed Shop. It was cheap so I tought it will be ok for the...
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