1. 4

    Whats wrong with my plants? With photos

    Hi fellow growers. I have recently started growing. This is my first real grow. I have two other grows under my belt, but were not able to finish due to family etc. This is my light setup: 1000w LED Bossled from Aliexpress. 1200w LED Bestva from Aliexpress. Just changed from 20/4 to 18/6...
  2. Lord Simmer

    420 LSD-25 Autoflower Outdoor 2016 - Lord Simmer

    PLANTS: FAST Seeds Genetics: LSD x Ruderalis Soil: 1. KGRO Premium Potting Soil Nutrients: o General Hydroponics FloraDuo A o General Hydroponics FloraDuo B o General Hydroponics FloraKleen Anticipated Heights: 27-47" Anticipated Weight: med-high Averaging Flowering: 8-9...
  3. Xenonrae

    Xenon's First Grow! - Autos - Blue Dream - AK & LSD25

    Welcome all! After lurking this forum, amongst several other forums, and being stuck in the 'research' phase for a little over 3 years, I finally decided to bite the bullet when I had some extra cash, and finally give this a go! Being my first time, all advice, questions and comments are...