lst autos

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    Below the canopy
  2. M

    Ming's Perpetual Auto Grow

    This will be I plan on doing a somewhat perpetual grow with Auto's. Equipment: Converted dresser lined with panda film. Dimensions: 2.5ftX1.5X4.5ft. Light: 250 watt hps with wing reflector. Light cycle: 20/4. Exhaust: 6 in van tech with diy carbon scrubber. Medium: coco perlite, and clay...
  3. infiniteJuan

    1st Grow - 2 x Vision Northern Lights Auto/Fem - Coco - 2 x Mars Hydro 300W LEDs

    Hi all, first time grower/poster here at 420Mag. I've learned a lot from reading here and thought I'd start a journal of my own. Thanks to all of you who've shared your experiences and helped those of us who are new to this growing game. I'm in week 5 of my grow and will catch this journal up...
  4. W

    Another Rookie checking in, In need of advice!

    How's it going fellow cannibus friends, this is my first post and currently in the works of starting my first grow. Right now I'm working on gathering all the materials i need to get started . I have 2 auto easy ryder on the way plus 1 fem critical and 2 haze skunk planning on growing...
  5. LEDRF

    How I get big yields with autos

    How to Grow Huge Autoflowering marijuana plants - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube Here is part one. part two coming soon. If the info helps you grow better autos, share the vid. :)