lst low stress training

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    Day 31 - dinafem dinamed cbd LST
  2. MikkaTheEnt

    Mod for easy LST in GH Waterfarms

    So, I have been growing in my General Hydroponics Waterfarms (2 of 'em) for a bit over a year now. I've wanted to LST or SCROG or SOG them, but it proved too unwieldy to put a mesh over the tops of them for a canopy, or to tie colas down. No matter what I tied them down to, when it came time to...
  3. GK +

    GK +

    Lst trying to make a little art
  4. GK mended

    GK mended

    Lst turned out intense but mended it and had to supercrop
  5. N

    First Time Grower - Feminized White Widow

    Hi there...1st time grower here. Started with White Widow Feminized seeds and sprouted them using the paper towel method At first I used Miracle Grow Potting soil under a t5 fluorescent in small pots 24 hour light After a a short time and after they grew a bit I transplanted...
  6. I

    Iceman420's Journal - Roots Galore White Walker Kush Skunk#1Auto Looking Great Day 21

    Hey Subbers and Everybody else! Day 21 from seed and these girls are looking gorgeous, they are really starting to fill out. Excited to see them grow so fast, fun to watch but hard to keep up with the LST. Have a good week! Happy tokin! CHECK OUT THESE ROOTS!!!!!! This is 1 picture of each of...
  7. I

    Hello all new growers! Pics! My Skunk#1, White Walker Kush, Northern Lights Grow

    Hey Everybody, Here are those updated pics, took them today, April 1. The White Walker is responding very well to the LST(low stress training), and the skunk #1 is a little smaller but also looking great. The northern lights auto is also coming along, just started to really veg. More pics of the...
  8. I

    Iceman420's Hydroponic - Northern Lights, Skunk #1 & White Walker Kush - Before LST

    So Day 10 of the Northern Light Hydro which is the small one in the rockwool(ill get some more pics of her soon), I was having some pH problems when i put her in there but got it stabled out so shes doing fine now, just a little behind in Veg but she' will catch up.This was day 18 of the white...
  9. Volksbud

    CFL - Soil - Gold Label Nutes - Mohan Ram - LST/Supercrop By Volksbud - 2016

    Hi. This is my third grow. My first 2 grows i had a Northern Skunk #1 strain, from clones. They eventually turned out crap, well the first grow was good. But second one the buds were not as good, fluffy and tasted weird. So, this time i got some really nice Mohan Ram clones, a strain from...
  10. Z

    Kandy Kush - CFL Grow - 1st time

    Hi guys, i posted this on another site but wasnt getting any responses and as a first time grower i would like some feedback on my grow, weather im doing it wrong or right, and perhaps some tips. Strain - Kandy kush Lights - 2x 150 w CFL Techniques - Topping, LST defoliation Hi...
  11. Thunderthys

    Fridge - CFL - Lst!

    Seen a fridge grow box on YouTube.. Had to do it and I'd recommend it for anyone to try.. Great for stealth grows.. Great for a personal supply and the best hobby I've ever tryd.. Turns out its not so hard to grow ur own killer bud.. But if u grew it, it's killer cuz u put 4 months I your life...
  12. jlt1202

    Low Stress Training, Doing it right?

    Hey im posting some pictures of my plants that i have been working on and trying out the LST that i have seen, most of the pictures i have seen were from plants that used LST in early veg stage. Well i thought i would try it on a couple month old plant and see how well she does when she...
  13. M

    My Blue Dream First Grow

    Hi all, my wife and i have started growing our own. we are using a dresser that is turned on it's side and devided into two halves. We lined it with the dull side of foil (not the best I understand, but what we had) and are using 4 23w/ 5000k cfl on 24hours a day to veg under. Our first clone...
  14. JokerJohn

    JJ's 3rd Grow White-Rhino - Super Lemon Haze - White Castle

    Hello all! Welcome to my grow guys & girls! So its that time to start a new grow again ;) YAY! :) hope you all enjoy the ride with me Lets get into it :) Indoors/outdoors : Indoors- Secret Jardin darkstreet 2 - 1.5x1x5x2m Growing Medium : Soil Nuts/Fertz : Advance Nutrients- Big Bud,Bud...
  15. WizHigh

    16 tops Going for 30?

    I topped my plant on threw different grow sites. The main grow site turned into 3 tops and 2 of the side branches are just 2 tops. I want to top the rest of the grow sites and turn them into 30 or more grow sites all together. Is it possible? How many tops has any ever reach with out the plant...
  16. JokerJohn

    Lst what do i do now?

    hey guys so i recently started to Lst a few of my plants ( first timer ) Now i read so many different posts on how to Lst and it seems there are more ways then youd think.. now im kinda stuck with mine i started it i just dont know how to finish it or where to go from here do i keep tying it...