1. Smilemeds

    Highly experienced Vermont Micro Highdro Auto flower Cabinet grower - year 12 growing autos

    This old (10 years now) micro grow cabinet is a 3 foot long, 1 1/2 foot deep and 5 feet height. Two Mars hydro sp150s hang over the canopy 260 true watts 400 cfm carbon Vivosun filter changed every 9-12 months. This vents out cabinet perfectly. 75 to 80 degrees 40%to 50% rh 20 hours on 4 hours...
  2. Banana Sherbet Double XL, Auto

    Banana Sherbet Double XL, Auto

    Day 24 of Bloom, Day 58 above ground
  3. N

    Beginner Grow Journal, Autoflower Coco Coir, COB LED Grow

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my noobie grow journal! I will be looking forward to meet and learn from all the wonderful people in this website. Here's a little information about my grow: Tent: 2x2x5 feet Light: 150W COB LED (18 hours on/ 6 hours off) Fans: 4 Inch exhaust, 1 small fan for...
  4. 20220116_205359.jpg


    Plantwire LST Trizzlers
  5. 20220120_210412.jpg


    Hotz using plantwire LST
  6. 20220120_210415.jpg


    Hotz using plantwire LST
  7. 20220102_192858.jpg


    Trizzlers LST attempt
  8. 20220102_192901.jpg


    Hotz Weak attempt at LST
  9. S

    1st Grow, Please Help, LST & Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Hi. 1st grow - Guerilla Glue #4 originally had some issues with dark green leaves and curled at ends... as I did research - i believe my Fox Farm soil was too "hot" and led to Nitrogen Toxicity. the plant seems to still be "curling" and a bit stunted / slower growth... I tried LST about a...
  10. J Obadiah

    Can I LST Clones This Early?

    What do you guys think, should I start bending these now for LST? They'll be topped later. They're no more than a month old, I just planted them yesterday, May 4th. Strain: GG4 CLONE by Dark Heart Nursery Medium: Soil Environment: Container (7 gal), Indoor) Light: Viparspectra 1000W LED...
  11. How to sum up my last few months

    How to sum up my last few months

    Sterilized and ready for new beginnings
  12. #3 Stem split!

    #3 Stem split!

    looks like I didn't adjust ties on #3 enough during the stretch...ouch :(
  13. Jowowie

    With pics: 18 days old LST, defoliage? Help!

    Hey happy growers, It’s my first time growing indoors with a complete tent setup and I am unsure on what to do with my two females. I am growing Super Silver Haze x Northern Lights strain and they are 18 days old literally growing like a weed with coco medium. Any ideas and tips on how to train...
  14. Flower Time!

    Flower Time!

    Finally... its time to flower these girls!
  15. Krinkles


    Krinkles, 28" wide
  16. #3


    #3, 28" wide
  17. #2


    #2 , 32" wide
  18. #1


    #1, 36" wide
  19. S

    Week 3 Auto: how long till the nodes grow?

    Having done LST does it look ok for week 3? How long till those lower nodes grow out a bit because they seem very condensed down The wholes are caused by LST wire so ignore those
  20. #1


    #1 looking good!
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