1. InTheShed

    How I perform LST, low stress training, on my Autoflowers: lots of pics!

    Greetings all! I've had members ask about how I do my LST (low stress training) on my plants so I thought I would do a pictorial on it. My pics are of two different plants but don't let that confuse you. It's just easier to demonstrate that way. Let's discuss the theory behind LST for a...
  2. DankSwagasaurus

    Dankswag's Indiana Bubblegum x C99 Soil Growage

    Here it is folks! The beginning of it all. Two of my favorite strains clashing in one grow which happens to be my first, on 420 magazine. Im so happy to be apart of this community and just from being a member a couple days ive already learned so much! Thank ya'll! Back to the grow ha. The...
  3. ddGreenThumb

    Bonsai-esque LST: Observances, experience, input?

    Some Details I had a bag seed which I planted a couple of months ago. This tough little plant has been very tolerant and forgiving during my learning stages of growing. I ended up trying some LST in a bonsai style and have new growth coming up rapidly that I'm hoping to get some feedback on. I...
  4. Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Kind of a thing of beauty Organic Honey Natural beeswax Hemp Wick
  5. 20180620_103251.jpg


    Day 31- dinafem critical + after LST
  6. C6E52C06-8D57-489A-ABF1-5752558F8B13.jpeg


    Fancy Blue Chemo
  7. 15256381895511921962303.jpg


    Lst and other techniques employed in an outdoor environment
  8. TheMadDabber

    All Aboard - Dabber Blooms Buds In The Tub Of Love

    Hello my dear 420 family friends and followers! :ganjamon::circle-of-love::420::circle-of-love::ganjamon: I'm back (never left?) For the second installment of growing strawberry kush in a bath tub. The first adventure was a fun one but I am hoping that was the tip of the iceberg in relation...
  9. 1st LST.jpg

    1st LST.jpg

    1st LST...get bent using re-purposed stalk
  10. Re-purpose.jpg


    Old stalk from fall outdoor harvest
  11. M

    Crop King Seeds Crown Royal SCROG

    CKS - Crown Royal 70% indica Blueberry x purple kush Im very impressed with the durability of this plant no matter how much I topped or lst it came back. It has grown to this point without any issues and has handles high stress training well. The aroma is very unique and hard to explain...
  12. C

    3 Strains, 6 Plants - COBS & Coco In 5 Gal Hempy Buckets - Let's Watch This Disaster!

    Hey everyone! So I've been lurking around this forum for a while now, soaking in the endless knowledge that everyone shares here - well at least as much as my feeble brain will allow. After seeing all the dense nug pictures from everyone else's grows, I've decided to lean backwards, spread my...
  13. Y

    Sour Diesel LST - Forum opinions on my LST baby

    Hey guys. I wanted to hear from you guys about my baby , 39 days from seed. what do you think? does it look healty or do you guys have any opinions to make it more efficient? Sour Diesel feminised from ilgm september 3 sprout topped two times ~210 w cfl - 18/6 schedule bio bizz...
  14. D

    Low Stress Training

    I just started a new grow (they haven't even popped above soil yet) and I know I'm going to want to do some LST on them. Only thing is I have no idea where or when to start. Any advice? I'm growing Silver Jack and a height of about 5 ft is my limit. Thanks!
  15. 28 Grams

    Can you do any sort of LST in a short 11 week grow?

    My last grow I started with clones, veg'd for 1 week, and flowered for 9. The yield was not too great but it worked. This time around I get a little more wiggle room, 11 weeks after putting clones in the soil. What kind of LST can I do in this short of a grow? I don't think I'll be able to...
  16. C

    LST Autoflowers

    Good idea to LST autoflowers? I keep reading mixed reports about it, anybody done it and had success or anybody done it and its not worked out? What's people's opinions on this?
  17. 4

    Second Grow Critical Autoflower

    So she survived the heat wave so here are the specs: What Critical Autoflower by Nirvana Seeds Pot/Media 5 gal smart pot layered with sensi soil and a 50/50 coco coir perlite mix I started this one by watering in the mixes I made after layering them in I sowed the seed about 1/4 of inch...
  18. 4

    1st Grow Nirvana Critical Auto

    So i started this grow in may under a 90w led bar light and a 135w ufo led light. This is the second seed I germinated the first didnt pop but once the second popped I put her in a homemade aero pot that i made by drilling abunch of holes in a 5 gallon bucket for airflow then mixed 50% coco with...
  19. PuffnPuggle

    LST for outdoor?

    This is my first grow, using auto Lemon Haze in containers with FFOF...I have done my research, but why is it that LST is always listed as to improve production INDOORS? Is it because the sun is so strong it will reach the lower branches automatically or is it just to be assumed it is for...
  20. S

    1st Time LST outdoor, Should I top the plants?

    Hello, I began LST my plants yesterday, they are in a greenhouse outside. Should I cut the tops of the plants or just keep LST them around the edge of the pots? Thanks for your help!