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  1. Cheese


    Just before feeding and lights out! Week 4 veg
  2. IMG_20191111_185057.jpg


    Bruce banger opened her up now I got my width now I need her to go north so will leave her alone and let all these shoots go north .
  3. it's 2/twins.

    it's 2/twins.

    i lay over scrogged colas that cooperate, to make secondary/supporting bud to the tops... tops, themselves. very akin to supercropping, but lst bending and without risking, shorting its circulatory rte so u didn't just half a top bud, with an uncooperative notch...
  4. Coyne66

    Weird autoflower mutations

    I am a second time grower but new to auto’s. I am currently growing white widow auto from cropkings.com. The plant that is farthest along is on day 17 and is having some weird mutations. It seems to have topped itself and has 3 main shoots already. Most of the leaves are all different sizes and...
  5. received_967140710294660.jpeg


    White widow topped with LST. 5.5 weeks old
  6. 1081E747-290D-4C0B-B332-D6EAE905F957.jpeg


    Cheese plant trained
  7. 5620C646-3FFF-41BF-8FA7-D40FA194F5C5.jpeg


    Cheese girls opened up. Internodes pulled down to each opposite side.
  8. 8C42E063-654D-4486-8594-C123C3BBE2DE.jpeg


    6 x cheese girls 12 Hours after tying down
  9. irie lion

    Irie’s Propagation Station & Training Playground

    Hey 420 members! :ganjamon: I’ve been meaning to create this journal for the last month as I’ve been doing more cloning and been having some fun doing some random training. If you’ve got any questions about cloning or training plants, or you’d like to share your cloning methods please share...
  10. C

    LST during flowering stage?

    Hi everyone. I want to know whether I should stop lst during vegetative stage or should I continue until harvest? Do you only do vegetative stage lst then release soft ties during flowering or do the soft ties remain till the harvest day? I've got an indica so it's super bushy and but is...
  11. 20190408_173019.jpg


  12. 20190408_173100.jpg


    Overview LST
  13. J Obadiah

    Obadiah's LST

    Here are a few images of the way I practice LST. I like to use garden tape because it is flexible; I enjoy a nice, symmetrical plant that gives me maximum chances to create potential heads. If my math is right, I have potentially 14 tops, minimum, thats not counting 2 small shoots on each of the...
  14. Big girl

    Big girl

    All of the big girls tops


  16. J Obadiah

    A Garden Preview

    Just thought I would share this little peek into my garden as it is today. The small, trained one on the bottom is a Bubba Kush that I'm experimenting with; the big one above her is actually a plant whose genetics are unknown to me, but there is a slight possibility its a diesel strain based on...
  17. 20190124_172613.jpg


    I raised my autoflower about 4 inches off the ground and tied down both of my photoperiods in order to get maximum light to the flower sights
  18. 8905229D-A262-40F3-B6F5-EA376AD0AA12.jpeg


    Northern Lights, DopeSeeds, LST, topped, FIM’d
  19. 20190112_160518.jpg


    The LST on my thunder bloody mary Day 26 since sprouting Day 3 since starting LST
  20. 20190108_154641.jpg


    Auto thunder bloody mary Another shot after LST January 8 2019 Day 21 since sprouting Day 1 of LST
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