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  1. S

    1st Grow, Please Help, LST & Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Hi. 1st grow - Guerilla Glue #4 originally had some issues with dark green leaves and curled at ends... as I did research - i believe my Fox Farm soil was too "hot" and led to Nitrogen Toxicity. the plant seems to still be "curling" and a bit stunted / slower growth... I tried LST about a...
  2. J Obadiah

    Can I LST Clones This Early?

    What do you guys think, should I start bending these now for LST? They'll be topped later. They're no more than a month old, I just planted them yesterday, May 4th. Strain: GG4 CLONE by Dark Heart Nursery Medium: Soil Environment: Container (7 gal), Indoor) Light: Viparspectra 1000W LED...
  3. How to sum up my last few months

    How to sum up my last few months

    Sterilized and ready for new beginnings
  4. #3 Stem split!

    #3 Stem split!

    looks like I didn't adjust ties on #3 enough during the stretch...ouch :(
  5. Jowowie

    With pics: 18 days old LST, defoliage? Help!

    Hey happy growers, It’s my first time growing indoors with a complete tent setup and I am unsure on what to do with my two females. I am growing Super Silver Haze x Northern Lights strain and they are 18 days old literally growing like a weed with coco medium. Any ideas and tips on how to train...
  6. Flower Time!

    Flower Time!

    Finally... its time to flower these girls!
  7. Krinkles


    Krinkles, 28" wide
  8. #3


    #3, 28" wide
  9. #2


    #2 , 32" wide
  10. #1


    #1, 36" wide
  11. S

    Week 3 Auto: how long till the nodes grow?

    Having done LST does it look ok for week 3? How long till those lower nodes grow out a bit because they seem very condensed down The wholes are caused by LST wire so ignore those
  12. #1


    #1 looking good!
  13. S

    On Day 18 Purple Punch Auto. How’s the LST looking?

    Couple of tears in leafs will it be ok? There is also some crumpling on bigger leaves. Is this an indica trait? It’s my for indica so just wondering
  14. Underskirt Shot

    Underskirt Shot

    Clean them up a little before flower.
  15. S

    Day 2 LST does it look ok? I’m on day 17 veg

    The lower fan leaf is leaning on sid of pot to get out of soil
  16. 5G


    Upcanned to 5gal fabric pots. Side angle...
  17. Group shot

    Group shot

    Filling out into their space fairly quickly!
  18. Canopy pic

    Canopy pic

    Canopy shot!
  19. Group shot

    Group shot

    Filling out nicely!
  20. Krinkles


    Krinkles top view
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