1. Rexer

    Completed Super Skunk Auto & Auto Blueberry Grow 1.5 Behind The TV

    Hello and welcome to my grow journal! This journal has 2 super Skunk autoflowers that were popped around 2nd of April. There were 4, but it was my first grow and they were stunted pretty badly. Rather then possibly ruining 4 other seeds (to growing pains), I decided to pop two auto blueberries...
  2. S

    Does Lucas formula make sense? Ever tried it?

    Does Lucas formula make sense to you? Have you ever tried it? Lucas formula: famous simplified nutrient mix (and its variations) of simply 5 ml of General Hydroponics FloraMicro and 10 ml of FloraBloom per gallon (no FloraGro), used for hydroponics from beginning to end of grow. Liking to...
  3. D

    Using Lucas Formula Having Nitrogen Deficiency

    Hi, using Gh Lucas Formula. days of grow every thing look great, im more then 2 weeks trying to solve this Nitrogen Deficiency (now week 4 bloom) i add in the last 2 weeks 7-10 ml pr liter of G but down leaves keep yellow. water out ph is 6.5 growing in coco (led light, tempeture etc is...
  4. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana Bill On Way To Indiana Legislature - And A Republican Is Behind It

    A Republican lawmaker plans to introduce a bill during the upcoming legislative session that would legalize medical marijuana. Rep. Jim Lucas of Seymour said he is still working out the details, but has "every intention of introducing a bill that legalizes medical marijuana." "I can't...
  5. Ron Strider

    IN: State Legislator Plans Push To Legalize Medical Marijuana

    An Indiana lawmaker is preparing for a fight as he gets ready to introduce a medical marijuana bill. State Representative Jim Lucas, a Republican from Seymour, said customers aren’t the ones visiting his print shop right now. “I’ve had people stop here at my shop that have thanked me with tears...
  6. Ron Strider

    IN: Lucas Plans To File Marijuana Bill

    A local legislator known for tackling controversial issues, including gun control, has found another one he wants to tackle. District 69 State Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, said he plans to file a bill to make the use of medical marijuana legal in Indiana. "I am going to force the issue on...
  7. Ron Strider

    GOP Indiana Lawmaker Proposes Medical Marijuana Legalization

    Indiana Republican State Rep. Jim Lucas is backing medical marijuana as an alternative method to curb the state's opioid epidemic. Lucas says medical marijuana could provide people an alternative to addictive opioids, and he combats claims that it is a gateway drug. "When you look at the...
  8. Z

    Iconic grow and ionic flower vs GH using Lucas formula

  9. TheFertilizer

    Questions about PPM calculations

    So I made this spreadsheet to calculate the PPM range of various nutrients in a given solution/nutrient volume, I think it's pretty straight forward and I checked against the only working calculator I could find online (for the Lucas formula, seems outdated) and I think I got the math right, but...
  10. F

    Floranova Bloom - Schedule Confusion & Lucas Formula With Floranova Bloom

    I am planning to switch to Floranova Bloom (w/ Lucas formula which is 8ml per gal, 2.11ml/L) My confusion is because: SOME people say not to always feed 8ml/gal but only each 2nd or 3rd watering? Should I *also* want to use Floranova Bloom in soil, what dosage should I use then? (Otherwise I...
  11. R

    Is Big Pharma Worried About Medical Cannabis

    Studies show patients weaning themselves off pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Pain sufferers can wean themselves off heavy pain relievers, alcohol and other drugs as they increase their use of medical cannabis, according to Canadian researchers. Canada is leading the world in medical cannabis...
  12. Camo420Grow

    Completed Camo's 1st Grow - Coco - LED - Lucas Autos - Poll Of Strain To Grow

    Hey guys and gals it's camo here. Many of you have seen me following your journals well I'm finally about to start my very 1st grow but I hope with everything I've read and learned I can have a great grow and maybe contend for a monthly award. I will be posting pics of my setup and give a few...
  13. rillos

    Using Lucas Formula

    :420: I've been using lucas formula with GH nutes in both my coco coir and DWCR systems. Is there anything I need or should add during the 12/12 cycle. :thanks:
  14. Far East Buds

    Lucas Formula - Bloom nutes

    Ok so I'll summarize. I am on my 3rd/4th grow how ever you look at it as I started perpetual pretty much right off. Running 300W MHS setup for veg and 300W true LED for flower. Misc strains doing a variety.... For simplification reasons I have been using the Lucas formula and...
  15. Grouchy

    Abandoned A Grouchier Grow - LED 3Wx100 - Hempy - 9 Plants - 3 Strains - Lucas - Mainline

    Hello, everyone! I'll keep the intro short and sweet and get right to the good stuff. This time around I wanted to try something new. I liked the hempy bucket with my last grow so I figured I would stay with that. I had zero problems with it in the past. But I figured plant manipulation was...
  16. punkxdontdie

    Abandoned Super Micro DIY Ebb & Flow Sea Of Green With CFLs Side Grow/Trial

    New DIY micro ebb and flow and DIY cfl light.. pics to come soon I will be.usingthe Lucas formula for throw grow with generalhydronutes.
  17. D

    Abandoned Hydro Pure Power Plant Grow Journal 2012

    Hi everyone this is my first cannabis grow, I used to grow vegetables on soil on my country before to move to LA. I am really interested on hydroponic grows, so finally I built my Hydroponic System and I got 4 clones from a Dispensary. Here is a detail list about my project. ( I apologize if I...
  18. kiefisgood

    Mg Def? please help!

    [/IMG] White Widow 1 plant Vegative stage week 3 Indoor Secret Jardin 120 4x4x7 Hydro 5 Gal DWC Res temp 69 F rockwool/hydroton It is under 1 400watt MH air cooled Room Temp is 70-75 Humidity is low 15% - 30% EC - 1.7 PPM @ .7 - 1220 PH - 5.5-6.0 Using GH Lucas Formula no other...
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