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  1. uhewekguilw

    GB80 Goes Organic

    Let me start off by saying I am going to grow "Bottle Organic". I will be using Earth Juice Grow, Catalyst, and some worm castings for the time bieng. I am new to this, so please chime in if you see me doing something wrong or questionable :thumb: This is my first soil grow in years and I've...
  2. N

    Neverlow710's Lucy Soil Grow

    This is my first posting on here, I decided to do a grow journal as I enjoy reading them and I would also like to contribute and get some advice on my own grow. I have a 3'x3'x6.5' virtual sun grow tent with a 85 watt cfl and light hood the box has an exhaust fan and I later will add a carbon...
  3. CareStaker

    Barney's Liberty Haze & Lucy - Green Love Potion - HPS & LED Hybrid Grow-In-The-Dirt

    Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I'm going to be learning as I go here. I've never grown any of these strains before, and I'm not a very experienced gardener, so all comments and advice are welcome. The HPS is a new addition as well, prior was LED and CFL. The flowering period will bring...
  4. ilikebike

    JD Lighting Multi Strain Tent Grow

    Hey guys. Ive been debating on doing this for a while. Ive kinda been covering 2 grows in my last journal so i decided to break things up a bit. This journal will be covering... my 9 PPP clones my 2 Kaya gold sprouts that were gifts from a friend my A-Train Seedling my Lucy Seedling...
  5. HotLooSey

    VEG/clone room light question

    I have a 9x11 room with 4x1000mh for the VEG. I have my cloning site on a counter in that same room with a T5 florescent system above. I cycle my VEG room 18/6. Save on afternoon heat and some $$. When dark I have been wrapping the closing system in a black out curtain. How essential is...
  6. HotLooSey

    Disrupted Light Cycle

    In my first grow and wondering what damage is being done, if any, by the occasional door left open to the flower room. How much is not good? The occasional open and closing, OR, NEVER open?? How strict are you about it? What about the little red lights on my controller? Slight crack in the...
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