1. Kanno26

    Kanno 26: Soil, RQS, Bubble Kush, Feminized, 2nd Journal

    Welcome all you growers to my second blog where I will be growing Bubble Kush from Royal Queen Seeds. I'll start with 5 seeds and see what happens, but maybe some good smoke. You are all welcome here and I am certainly not against any tips for improvement.
  2. T

    NFT grow - Leaf problems

    Good morning to all of you. This is my first attemt for indoor grow with a nft gr424 but from the beggining i am facing different problems possibly with overfertilizing. My grow room is 1.2 X 1.2 X 2m . I use an HPS 600W Lumatek full spectrum with a dimable Lumatek ballast. Ventilation is...
  3. T

    Best 600 watt ballast?

    Hi folks, title says it all, I'm a new grower - got a 300watt duel spec cfl at the moment thinking about maybe getting a hps light as an upgrade. Didn't realise the newer lights can be dimmed I doing a small stealth grow so 400w i think would be the max for heat i could manage - but this...
  4. Joesoap

    Abandoned JoeSoap Is Back - Autopot - Coco - Barneys Critical Kush/Cotton Candy - 600W

    Im back once again.....this time for good Hi eveybody. After a long hiatus and some unfinished journals (sorry) Im starting again and sticking it out to the bitter end this time. The details Age: One week old from seed Strains(s): Barneys Critical Kush(4) and World of seeds Cotton Candy(2)...
  5. N

    Question to all Lumatek ballast owners

    This is my second day using a dimmable 600w Lumatek ballast and today I noticed that the ballast makes a tick/click sound (like when you're flipping a switch) every 10-15 minutes. Can someone with a Lumatek ballast confirm that this is normal? Thx
  6. TorturedSoul

    Abandoned A Grow Nirvana Genetics

    Hello and welcome to this grow journal. This will be a small grow utilizing nutrients and genetics from two of our sponsors, Blue Planet Nutrients and Nirvana Shop. The nutrients were supplied specifically for this grow; the seeds were supplied for a previous grow that I was forced to abandon...
  7. G

    Is this a good deal?

    Wondering if this is a fair deal. It is a 250 watt lumatek ballast with bulb in a cooltube for 270 bucks. Amazon: 250W 120V HPS Cool Tube Digital Grow Light System I would get the 400 but I am worried about heat as my plants will be VERY close to this light. Just how cool is the cool tube?
  8. V

    6000w/Perpetual Harvest/Full atmospheric Control/Detail Med-Grow Construction/Support

    Welcome to the construction of a 6000w grow! Whether You have roots in the ground, or are still germinating your idea's, we can all learn. I really wanted to start a journal because I am going to have a fast paced learning opportunity, so I want to humbly, but ambitiously, seek help from those...
  9. McBudz

    Completed McBudz - White Widow and Northern Light / Big Bud grow

    Have 4 WW's and 2 NLBB's in the dirt and waiting for 1 more WW and 2 more NLBB to pop. Equipment: 2 - 400 HPS aircooled in a Portable dark room 30"w x 59"l x 79"h. 1 - Sun Leaves Nova 150w floro for veg in bedroom closet. 1 - 6 inch 449 CFM vortex fan 1 -6 x 24 odor sok carbon...
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