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  1. J

    Help to buy a CFL bulb

    Hi guys, I'm new of the forum and I'm new of growing as well, I didn't start anything yet but I'd love to do it... I tough to start with some CLF bulb but I have some problem and I'm indecise which one take (I will do 1 or 2 auto-florent plant indoor in a small place 50x50x110). I saw...
  2. StinkeyFingaz

    StinkeyFingaz' - Soil - Albino Fire Skunk OG - Grow Journal - 2016

    Bucket Size - Various Medium - Sea Soil Organic Forest Compost Premix Lights - (1) 2700K/6500K 125w CFL (9500 lumen) (1) 6500K 100w CFL (7000 lumen) (1) 5000K 55w CFL (2600 lumen) (3) 6500K 26w CFL (x3=4800 lumen) (1) 6500K 24w T5HO (2250 lumen)...
  3. G

    Help me choose ballast

    Hello guys! Currently I'm buying new ballasts and I'm able to choose between Nanolux NF,NanoluxOG,Maxibright DigiLights Pro and store branded Super Lumen ballast. Difference in price is not big so I'm looking for advice from you guys.