lumens per watt

  1. WizHigh

    Lumens Vs Color Temp?

    OK so I thought its all about the color temp on the kelvin scale when it comes to lighting? Ive been going back and forth about using MH/CFL/T5 for my new grow space that im building. Ive just found out that 400 MH color temp only shows 4000 on the kelvin scale, but lumens are 36,000. 23w CFL...
  2. LadyLiberty

    Full investigation on CFLs lumen output vs wattage vs price

    ok so i have been craving an upgrade to my grow, but first thing i need to settle on is my light. i will be growing in a 1x1 area. yes very small. i was contiplating getting a 100w MH. but decided not to for the money would not be efficiently spent. instead i will settle on multiple cfls my...
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