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  1. M

    LED Lights

    Hello. I have been using x2, 600 watt HPS lights in a 1.2x2x4x2m tent. I have purchased a 4000 watt led light with 100 leds. How many lumens does this light give off, because i cant get a clear answer from anywhere and how many do you think i can fit in my tent. I was thinking around 8 of...
  2. K.puff&stuff

    Question about Par

    High guys I have a question on lumens My plant are reading around or are getting around 470 max 520 lumens at 24 plus inches The reason I'm doing this is because I want them to be slow in growing so that they can go outside in the spring Friend is saying I should bring the light lower to get...
  3. FreightTrain

    Light spacing based on Lux

    First time grower here. Can you adjust the light based solely on the Lux meter? Between 60,000-85,000 is supposedly ideal for flower. however these numbers based fr M my meter brings my 400watt HPS within 6-8 inches from my plant. I use the hand under the light method and it's quite warm but...
  4. S

    Lumens per sq.ft.

    HI GUYZ..i am a new grower and i would need some help..how many lumens/s.f actually we need?? i have 2,300 lumens LED for 1.5 s.ft. at 18'' distance away from the plant.. is that good enough or not?..any help will be appreciated! TY.
  5. D

    Too Much Or Too Little Light?

    Tent: 12X24X76 Plants: 3 SSHaze, Bubblegum, Bubblicious in 5gal plastic bags Soil: Ocean Forest Nutes: FoxFarm Trio Lights: Apollo MH 6500K - 55,000 lumens /HPS 2700K - 87,000 lumens CFL 's: (8) 25w 100Watt T2 Philips Fans: (2) Below and above plants I'm trying to figure...
  6. D

    Light help

    Hi I have a tent W600xL1200xH2000 and have 2x 300w dual spectrum each bulb gives off 19800 lumens can u tell me if this is enough for 4 plants (special kush)
  7. U

    UseM's 1st Legal Recreational Grow

    UseM's 1st Legal REC Gr0 (cause we already have [acsess to] more MMJ than you could cure a Hippo with, LuV CO, don't U?) # of Plants: 3 Seed Source, from buds I SMOKED...from Los Sueno's Farms (The WORLDS Largest LEGAL Out-Door Recreational Marijuana Farm...36 ACRES of Kewl...all BudZ...
  8. G

    Veg clone 6400 lumens?

    Have a larger project going on with hps bulbs but wanted to start a small one two. I have a box that is 2 feet long by 2 feet tall by 1 foot wide. I have four 23 watt cfls 6500k light appearance totaling 92 watts and 6400 lumens. Is that enough light for one plant in such a tight area? Or do i...
  9. G

    CFL Lumens Question

    I scanned through the lighting post at top of posting list, but don't have the time for a real reading of every entry in hopes someone mentions it. I received my C-99 seeds and plan to grow them in an enclosed container consisting of 2 plastic storage bins. Inside size is 17x27 inches. The...
  10. J

    33.000 lumens and only 63cm height available

    THE PURPOSE: I am trying to grow some buds on a small (100cm x 20cm) and low height (62cm) place. After a long research I have ended up to the following lighting setup as well as I face one problem: THE PROBLEM: I know that if I use 3 cobs of 10.000 lumens each (30.000 total) in a place with...
  11. xave420

    Is 15,000 lumens of 6500k enought to grow a plant?

    was wondering if it was enough light , I have a setup of cfls I have 2 45watt 6500k cfl, 2 23 watt 6500k and 2 33 watt 6400k and equals to be around 15,000 lumens.
  12. xave420

    Can you make plants bud with just a 2700k light spectrum?

    or would it be helpful to keep some 5000k lights with the 2700k during the 12/12 period? any info would help. thanks I cannot use a hps I am doing this with many 6500k cfls to start this with about 13,000 lumens for a 4 Square foot space for only 1 plant. but have enough room for it to grow 5 ft...
  13. xave420

    How many lumens do I need to grow 1 or 2 plants?

    hi attempting my second grow I grew in the past. I will be using all CFL's I have 6500k 9600 lumens and can add more if needed. I am using Pro-Mix BX Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae Peat Based Growing Medium Potting Soil. the growing space is small and is only for 2 plants max in a 2' by 2'...
  14. B

    Bottom watering good or bad?

    Ok I was wanting to know about bottom watering and if it is better than watering from the top? I have 3 pineapple kush in veg for 8 weeks. Growth has been painfully slow. They were just transplanted from pots into the bags that drain really well with fox farm ocean forest and perlite mix. In...
  15. B

    Slow Growth Any Ideas?

    Ok I have 3 pineapple kush in veg for 8 weeks. Growth has been painfully slow. They were just transplanted from pots into the bags with fox farm ocean forest and perlite mix. In case they became root bound. The light set up is 1 250w 6500k CFL bulb is 15,000 lumens and 8 23w CFL equivalent 5000k...
  16. M

    How to use your light meter to measure blue and red spectrum LEDs

    Luminosity has a mean spectral distribution in the green part of the spectrum. All one has to do is multiply the percentage of red and blue lumens by a factor of 2 times to obtain a close approximation to white-green lumens. An example: My 250 watts Blue and Red light fixture indicates...
  17. S

    PAR bulbs and Lumens question...

    Hi, I have been looking at some lights and am getting confused... Is a PAR38 light (90W) with 1200 lumens better than a regular 100W 1600 lumens bulb? I understand that the PAR light can be more concentrated and directed but which one is actually better to use? Thanks.
  18. S

    Mixing 1000W HPS with 42W CFL?

    I am currently growing in an 8'x11' area. I have one 1000w HPS in the center of the room. I am currently only doing 2 plants since it is currently for personal use. (moving towards caretakers license) I now understand that the lumens are way way to low for the square footage of the room. Can I...
  19. C

    Fresh Grow!

    *In Strict Compliance with California Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420* Whats up 420Mag! I'm starting a fresh grow from scratch and wanted to set up my first official thread from day 1 to day smoke. Along with the awesomeness of doing all this, i really hope to, not answer, but help a...
  20. GreenH0rn

    Need Help wuth LED Grow light

    Hello everyone My first grow was successful and thats why i decided to move into a little bigger league. I want to make an LED grow light panel 35cmx35cm and i need your professional opinion and help on how to make one, what things do i need.. How many led lights..... lumens.... blue and red...
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