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lung cancer

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    My Father Has Been Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

    Hello i am cannabis activist my name is Mian Asif Zaman.I am from Pakistan My father has been dignosed lung cancer with last stage.I have made Cannabis and coconut oil mixture for his treatment but day by day my father's condition is going worst.Please suggest me best cannabis oil treatment for...
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    Dad using RSO protocol - Questions about process

    My dad is 76 yr old Vietnam vet who presumably developed lung cancer from agent orange exposure, as he never smoked. He was just diagnosed 4 months ago, but it already has spread to his spine and brain. He began a raw vegan diet and went to a facility for a 6 week water fast. He also had surgery...
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    Stage 4 Lung Cancer

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer four weeks ago but decided not to start the chemo program the oncologist recommended for obvious reasons. After spending a lot of time doing research during the last few weeks, I came to the conclusion the only way I have a chance of beating this disease...
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