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    Pax 3 - Anyone with a review?

    Looking to go to vaporizers, portable would be great & thot about the Pax 3 vs volcano type & am considering both. Couple questions on vaporizing, how well does the Pax 3 work and is the Pax app any benefit. I get at times a knarly sore throat that can lead to colds when smoked normally and am...
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    How Cannabis Treats Asthma

    Studies show that cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant actually protect your lungs, and relieve the constriction and discomfort of asthma. It is estimated that one out of twelve people suffer from asthma, a chronic respiratory disease that typically becomes present during childhood...
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    Is this right RSO for lungs - Repair and improve

    Hi there .So I have been using the RSO 15% thc and 20% cbd in the syringe for about two weeks now . Not using it for cancer . Using it for lungs (scar tissue , get rid of mucus , and hopefully more lung function) pulmonary fibrosis . Am I using the right stuff for the effects I'm looking for ...