The lux light app for smart phones .
  2. S

    Light height / Lux levels help needed

    Hey everyone Scrogfather here Was just wanting someone who could possibly advise me on lux levels as I'm getting a little bit of light bleach on my current grow (2 weeks into flower) so I decided to buy a lux meter to try and be a little more accurate while adjusting the lighting and with the...
  3. B

    Building The Ultimate 200w Cree Grow Light - 16 x Cree 1512 3000k 93cri $200

    Is this the ultimate light for a 1x1m space? Headroom not an issue although I assume a light with small cobs wants to be closer to the canopy for light penetration? So far it will give me just under 20,000 lux, 200w max power in 3000k 93cri for $200 I have also found a version using 3...
  4. Mayne

    Abandoned DWC, MarsHydro, FoxFarm Run

    Whats up people, got something interesting going on here for ya. DWC, MarsHydro300, FoxFarm Nutes trio, Recharge First DWC, former microgrower, Conditions optimal, 65water, 750ppms, 59ph, dont change much, drinking water. Dont know how to rise PPMs after res change tho, was...
  5. JimmyJames905

    DIY 112w LED Bulb Panel 90,000LUX for $80.00

    A short DIY on building a 112w, 90,000 Lux You will need... -A metal or plastic box approximately 13"x24" -14 Lamp bases $1.49ea -14 Philips 8w LED bulbs (5000k 60w equivalent) -14 gauge wire. 14feet. -self tapping screws for metal -3 prong power cord. Build your light fixture box...
  6. Rider509

    Playing with a lux meter and reflectors

    Curious about how much light was hitting my plants I bought a light meter. I'm running a 600W MH during the veg stage. To take measurements I held the light sensor pointed up and at plant top level. Directly below the light I was getting 60,000 lux, but the light fell off to 35,000 lux on the...
  7. B

    Need help with LED lux reading - Please help

    I have one MarsII 5watt diods-400 watt LED full spectrum light. I need to know what is the correct lux light meter reading for growing in a 3x5-1/2 ft sq tent. The lux meter is reading at 29 to 30,000 on two plants that are just over a week old. Is this the norm or is this too much light...
  8. luciferP

    HPS in flowering how much light intensity lux can provide - I use car xenon lamp und

    I'm still the vegetative growth stage, I prepared a high-pressure xenon lamp 6 65W car for flowering stage, with 120 * 60 * 150cm plant growth tent. I have now used the 36 days, in the light 15cm for the sweet spot, the light intensity at 50000 LUX, tent edge in 18000 ~ 25000LUX. Now growing...
  9. R

    Here are some lux readings for a 300W LED

    Forgive me if this info is out there already, but I want to post while it's fresh in my mind. I just received a lux meter in the mail, and am a little surprised but what I've learned about my LED light. I ordered the lux meter based on this recommendation in a thread where I'm fretting about...
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