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  1. KingstonRabbi

    KingstonRabbi - Mendo Madness - Outdoor - 1st Grow

    Before I get to the grow, let me introduce myself. I am using MMJ to treat cancer and repair the damage done by chemo. I decided to grow my own for juicing. I've been using 1:1 extract but I can't get my tolerance high enough to function at work. Juicing won't activate THC/CBD so I should...
  2. snooper

    Mystery Bag Madness

    Second Grow From a bag that had heavy highs I saved all the seeds I could separate. When I decide to go ahead and grow I took out six of the largest and plump seeds from the batch. I had some Jiffy Peat pellets left over from starting some garden plants so I used them instead of placing them...
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