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    Sen. Mark Madsen's Medical Marijuana Bill Fails In What He Calls A 'Kill Committee'

    As the votes were called out one by one, Lissa Lander's eyes filled with tears. "I was angry. I was hoping. For a moment, I thought we had a chance," said Lander, a Sugar House mom who has complex regional pain syndrome so severe that she says even fabric makes her skin burn. She was one...
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    Sponsor Of Utah Medical Marijuana Bill Planning Move Out Of The U.S.

    The sponsor of Utah's bold and controversial cannabis law says, at the end of the calendar year, he will move out of the country. Sen. Mark Madsen says his perception of conservative values does not jive with those of the Utah lawmakers with whom he serves. Madsen says by January 2017, he...
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    Utah Senator Mark Madsen, A Mormon, Fiercely Backs Medical Marijuana

    In a move that might make any fan of The Book of Mormon's head explode, Utah State Senator Mark Madsen is going up against the Mormon Church by supporting a medical marijuana bill. You see, Madsen is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but still sees the inherent value...