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  1. DarionOzb

    Why’s this so hard?

    I thought growing weed would be relatively easy but the more I grow the more I realize how difficult and annoying this can be. You’d think something that can grow in the Afghan deserts without human contact wouldn’t be so damn picky, but they are. I dont know if I should just stop growing or...
  2. F

    Cal mag

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong place and please direct me if I am. I was wondering if cal mag can be used when you apply your regular feeding or does it need to be added by it self with ph water thanks in advance
  3. C

    Cal mag help

    Can anyone recommend a cal mag for plagron light mix on use with autos. Biobizz nutes. I've been told I need it due to Leaf probs. Are the dosages on the bottle?
  4. R

    Hi 420 mag

    Hope to get some good insight into indoor hydroponics for my own setup. Thanks.
  5. I

    Hey 420 Mag Fam

    Glad to be part of the community. Hope to see it grow millions.
  6. growguyphd

    New high mag pics

    playing with new camera again. notice how swollen the heads are!! love me some Turpinator
  7. S

    How do I sign out

    How do I sign out of 420 mag
  8. M

    DWC symptom identification

    Hello first post here looking for some help diagnosing some symptoms 182 true watt led 12 inch away 5.8 ph 500ppm (tap 130ppm) Expanded stones medium 70-74 degrees day 63-67 night Water temp 65 degrees Humidity 30-40% GH bloom @ 5 tablespoons Cal mag @2 table spoons Hydrogen...
  9. A

    Cal Mag for non RO water every feeding?

    ive seen alot of people using cal mag all the time with n without having ro water ... i understand ro water needs it n cal mag issues are common so is it bad to use it every feeding with tap water as a precaution ??? the one i use says only once a week and thats about my watering length ... so...
  10. Z

    Need help!

    So I have these plants for 3 weeks old, they have mag deficiency for a week and I just put some Dolomites lime on the top of them and watered them. But the yellowing in the middle of leaves appeared two days ago, is that sign of mag deficiency or light burn? Ph put in 6.5 Ph runoff...
  11. K

    Help please

    First time grower....and boy is this rocket science or what? Just a few days ago...everything as far as I know looked great....I think. I will post a pic from Jan 8th...and right now. This morning it showed signs of what I thought was mag deficiency. Took a nap and woke up to this....prior to...
  12. G

    420Mag App change?

    Please excuse me, for I cannot find the proper forum channel to post this in... Anybody else find it concerning that the 420 Mag app now asks for your location and if you deny the app it will freeze up on you? I love the people here and the community that has been built but I refuse to use an...
  13. S

    Mag Def?

    Greetings all! Wondering if I can tap into your knowledge and wisdom for some advice. I could sure use it! Here's the rundown... Bomb's Cherry Bomb at 81 days veg from seed 4x12 tent with friends. 8" Hyper fan keeping temps at 75-77F. RH between 55-65...
  14. H

    Help please - Leaf issues?

    I everyone, I am having some concern over a few issues with leaves on my plants. I am grilling in Fox Farms happy frog soil. Plants have been getting cal mag supplement with every watering for the past two weeks and I started very low dose of nutes also. I have had a few signs of worms but...
  15. R

    Seedlings going lime green - Details & photos included

    Hi all- My seedlings have had a bit of a rough go of it; I've been chasing ph around due to so off brand hydroton I think. At this point I've stabilized it to 5.5, and am looking for input. From the threads I've read this looks like either a nitrogen, sulfur or maybe cal mag def, but perhaps...
  16. P

    Deficient or just too much?

    Can i get some advice from tou seasone d geowers? My plants are in day 20 of flower and about 5days ago i noticed yellowing of leaves. I thought it may be a mag. def. But not sure i am giving them cal mag in my tea a soft amoubt. Thanks in advance.
  17. 420

    420 Magazine's 420 Photo Contest On 4/20

    In the spirit of 4/20, we are having a 420 Photo Contest to find the best 420 Pictures! :cheer2: Please upload all photos to our Gallery with "420" in the picture. First Prize: Small, Medium & Large 420 Magazine Nug Jars, 420 Mag T-Shirt & 420 Mag Stickers Second Prize: Small & Medium...
  18. M


    I pretty sure I need to add more Cal/ mag to my nutes. Can I add Cal mag straight into my res or change the water completely. My next water change is in 3 days. I am doing dwc with ro water
  19. B

    What does it really take to get a proper yield?

    Realistically, if I'm running a 100w a plant or higher with proper transplanting and fertilizing properly or in my world extremely light on the nuts i use fox farm, and cal mag, kangaroots, and molasses and using FFOF soil with a 600, what's a realistic yield for a first time grow with what I...
  20. gudyul

    Mars Hydro - Cookies Kush

    Hello folks I am starting a journal here! Cookies Kush started from seed Recirculating Deep Water Cultivation 20 gallon tub with 20 gallon res. small submersible pump, air stones. GH grow , Cal Mag, Silica lights are Mars ll 1200 18/6 Week 3 humidity dropped to 16% and...
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