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  1. Ron Strider

    OR: Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew

    Oregon is home to an array of hyperlocal craft movements, including an internationally known coffee industry. But as of late 2015, recreational cannabis is legal here–one of just a few states with legal pot sales, alongside Colorado, Washington, and as of 2018, the state of California. This has...
  2. C


    High friends!! Here to learn as much as possible!! Magic juju, CraftyWitch! :420::Namaste:
  3. K

    Magic Butter Machine and leaves and what not

    I am wondering if the Magic Butter Machine would help me make fan leaves, unwanted males etc become useful. As a grower from seed, I always have leaves that I trim away or have unwanted males and other material that does not make the cut into what I vape. Would using something like the Magic...
  4. J

    HB-101 or black magic bloom boost

    Hey ppl...i bought a bottle of black magic bloom boost from home depot almost a week ago and it seems to be worth the $30 i spent on it because the buds are swelling up fast. Anyway has anyone tried black magic bloom boost and what were your results? Also i got a few samples of HB-101 and was...
  5. J

    Black magic bloom boost?

    Has anyone tried Black magic bloom boost at home depot? Im pretty sure its specifically made for marijuana from what the packaging says. Anyways id appreciate any feedback!
  6. M

    Monkeygun's 2nd Grow - Master Kush & Shiva Skunk - LED - Scrog - Soil

    Hello pretty pleased with my first grow but have now after much research going to attempt a scrog grow four plants 2 types of seeds. Master Kush from sensi seeds. n Indian-Afghani hybrid created from two true-breeding Indica seed lines that were collected in different parts of the...
  7. 420Steve

    Plant Magic Nurtient line good or bad?

    Dear 420Growers, Currently i am growing with "Plant Magic" old timer grow and bloom organics with no benificals, for my next grow i am going to use the benificals hopefully for better results however my question is if i go with Plant Magic synthetic nutrients what benificals would be counter...
  8. 420Steve

    What effects happen if I change from organic nutrients to synthetic nutrient?

    Currently using [Plant magic pro mix] with Perlite, Vermiculite, Bat Guano and Fish + bone meal soil with [Plant magic old timer Grow + Bloom] nutrients, if i change to [Plant magic Grow and Bloom] synthetic nutrients how will this effect my plant if i am half way trough a cycle already? What...