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  1. DrCC's Canna Brownies

    DrCC's Canna Brownies

    We just saw that one of our Sponsors here at 420 Magazine is MagicalButter! And the Mrs want to get one now. Just gotta check and see if they have a discount code somewhere :)
  2. DrCC's Canna Brownies

    DrCC's Canna Brownies

    We kept it simple this time and just used a pre-mix instead of doing it from scratch.
  3. TheDankDuo

    Magical Butter Machine 2 Problem

    Hey there everyone, just used my magic butter machine for the first time yesterday. Now, I had a friend do it while I was gone, and he didnt exactly follow directions so this might have been the problem but still want some advice. Anyways, we used 14g of good bud, along with 80g of...
  4. G

    Eat The Cake?

    Hi All, First post...long time recipient of good counsel (I think I posted this earlier in the FAQ forum...hey, I'm a noob). I just got done with my first pot glycerin tincture using that wonderful appliance, MagicalButter. I used two cups (VG/PG 50%) and an ounce of duff (already been...
  5. M

    Magical Butter 3 details?

    Hey, y'all. I finally decided I must have a Magical Butter 2, and so followed the sponsor link to their site. While there, I saw an ad/notice/announcement about the Magical Butter 3. It is going to be available in Dec. 2014, and will cost $300. Since this represents a ~71% price bump, I am...
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