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    Just waiting on descendent bud to cool From Oven to freezer . This helps preserve certain phytonutrients
  2. Ron Strider

    Magical Butter.Com's Green Week Sale Is Almost Here

    Your Green Week MB Bundle will be on sale for $174.95! ($50 OFF as this retails at $224.95 before tax/shipping) MB2e Machine, Baking Mats, MB Butter Tray, MB Spatulas
  3. K

    Broccoli Rabe Gets A Cannabis Kick

    The sense of satisfaction that comes from a home-cooked meal is indescribable, and let's face it...things can get boring in the kitchen really fast without a little culinary creativity. Staple sides have dominated dinner-plate real estate for years, and the time has come for the usual suspects...
  4. TheDankDuo

    Magical Butter Machine 2 Problem

    Hey there everyone, just used my magic butter machine for the first time yesterday. Now, I had a friend do it while I was gone, and he didnt exactly follow directions so this might have been the problem but still want some advice. Anyways, we used 14g of good bud, along with 80g of...
  5. K

    Humming Hummus Serves Up A Triple Dose Of Health

    We've all grown up hearing the phrase "You are what you eat." As we progress, humans are becoming more aware of the things they're putting into their bodies. The time invested in reading food labels these days is transforming the health of future generations. A special recipe for Humming...