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    Magnum synthetic urine review in 2020!

    so its 2020 which is a crazy fuckd up year so far. Had to leave my old job here in dallas but luckily my friend put me on to a great job, got the job accepted the offer only thing is i have to take a drug test and background check. my only concern is for the urine sample i smoke everyday so i...
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    Texas magnum synthetic urine?

    First time post sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Please point me in the right direction if so please! I have a basic pre employment drug test for delta airlines at a concentra facility. I happen to have a bottle of the magnum synthetic urine. One of my friends has recently used this same...
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    Magnum Synthetic Urine

    Thought I would let everyone know that I just, 4/2014, used Magnum Synthetic Urine and it worked. Followed the directions to the letter. Testing facility was lab corp. Prob could have gotten it cheaper but waited till the last minute and paid about $23 for it tax, title, and license.
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