1. eddieo

    If you're a mainliner please help

    Hey guys well I need help on mainlining or topping. Lets get right into it heres a current picture of my plant. Before you ask about what happened to the plant please read my previous thread for details. It looks like where I 'attempted' to previously main line one of the branch has become...
  2. eddieo

    Problems while Mainlining

    Hey guys this is my first grow Its been about 5 weeks since sprout. Here are the specifications of equipment im using to grow:- Hydroponics Deep water culture (DWC) with water feeder 400W MH/HPS Clay pebbles OG KUSH FloraTrio Nutrients Basically while i was attempting to main line I...
  3. F

    Ello Govners! First time posting in any forum

    Well I have been growin fer pert near 15 years now and this is my latest creation...8 colla mainline purple somethin er's some pics..2 weeks into flower 59" tall 1250w 2100k cfl couple a t8 tubes and 2 "agro" 4100 k 26w cfl's.. PLEASE COMMENT...I think I did...