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  1. Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Hemp Wick Stem Repair

    Kind of a thing of beauty Organic Honey Natural beeswax Hemp Wick
  2. R

    Question on Mainlining

    Good Morning Fellow 420ers. I am wondering if it matters if you wait to for the plant to grow to the 6th node when you mainline? Can you just top to the 2nd and let those 2 branches grow out to be your mainline? The only reasoning I see from waiting to get to the 6th node is to let the stalk...
  3. LeDankMaster

    Nirvana Blue Mystic - DWC - 4x4 - 630W LED

    Hey guys, this is my second grow and second journal. I have abandoned my first journal because I was too busy. I will try to post about once a week. -Strain: Nirvana Blue Mystic -Grow tent: MarsHydro 4x4 -Lights: 2x Mars Reflector144 LED 315W each -Medium: 5 gallon DWC, 2x large airstones...
  4. TheFrizz

    First Grow - Blue Dream - 4x4 Tent - 1000W Light - DWC

    Hello everyone! This is my very first grow, and my goal is to get the most efficient yield that I can from 4 plants (legal limit in my state). I selected Blue Dream because it has positive smoke reviews and also is a high yielding strain that is easy to grow. I decided to grow from seed rather...
  5. S

    Mainline growing question

    Hello fellow growers! I have a question regarding mainline growing. I've done it before successfully on the last grow and got just over eight ounces from one plant. My question is regarding the main stem. I was stress training and got distracted momentarily and applied to much pressure...
  6. P


    Should I mainline or crop?
  7. Grouchy

    A Grouchier Grow - LED 3Wx100 - Hempy - 9 Plants - 3 Strains - Lucas - Mainline

    Hello, everyone! I'll keep the intro short and sweet and get right to the good stuff. This time around I wanted to try something new. I liked the hempy bucket with my last grow so I figured I would stay with that. I had zero problems with it in the past. But I figured plant manipulation was...
  8. F

    Ello Govners! First time posting in any forum

    Well I have been growin fer pert near 15 years now and this is my latest creation...8 colla mainline purple somethin er other...lol..here's some pics..2 weeks into flower 59" tall 1250w 2100k cfl couple a t8 tubes and 2 "agro" 4100 k 26w cfl's.. PLEASE COMMENT...I think I did...
  9. A

    White Widow Main Line in Rockwool - 2014

    Strain = White Widow (photo) Medium = Rock wool cubes on slabs Nutrients = General Hydroponics Seeds started 3/7/14
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